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BISBEE — Almost as familiar as the sun and the sky she busks under, Christa Leigh is as close to a living — and …

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Sara Ransom, an attorney who has been serving as contracted corporate counsel to Sulphur Springs Valley Electric…


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The Senate has voted to repeal the decades-old congressional measure that greenlighted the 2003 invasion of Iraq. If approved by the House, the measure would end more than 20 years of authorization for U.S. presidents to use force in that country and return those war powers to Congress. The Iraq War ended years ago, and repeal is not expected to affect any current troop deployments. The bipartisan legislation would also repeal the 1991 measure that sanctioned the U.S.-led Gulf War. Lawmakers in both parties are increasingly seeking to claw back congressional powers over U.S. military strikes and deployments.

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