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Jake Boyle celebrates his first Thunder Truck Main Event win Saturday at Tucson Speedway with his girlfriend and second-place finisher Sara Houston.

TUCSON — In a Thunder Truck main event that is sure to go down in Tucson Speedway history, Jake Boyle claimed the checkered flag. He was followed to victory lane by his girlfriend, Sara Houston, who finished second.

Boyle had the pole for the start of the race with Mariah McGriff in second and Houston in third. A field of 19 trucks fell in line behind the leader, which is where the story would get interesting.

Houston cleared McGriff for second, finding herself in a drag-race for the lead with Boyle. McGriff, Cody Cambensy and Dylan Jones raced three-wide behind them.

Jones and Cambensy passed McGriff to race door-to-door beneath Houston for second. Contact was made on the backstretch which continued into turn four.

Both recovered from the altercation. However, going into turn one, Jones and Brent Adams rubbed fenders sending Jones sideways on the track. Sean Davis was caught up in the wreckage.

Davis and Jones retreated to the pits with damage.

Following the caution, Cambensy restarted third.

Jones returned to the track on the final lap, again making contact with Cambensy which sent him into the backstretch wall. Cambensy fell to a sixth-place finish.

Boyle continued his dominating run for his first Thunder Truck win. Houston finished second. Ron Schreiner rounded out the podium.

Outlaw Late Models

Brandon Schilling and Tim Blodgett led the Outlaw Late Model field to the green flag for its first main event of the night.

Dylan Jones made it three wide clearing Blodgett to race door-to-door with Schilling for the lead.

The two drag-raced until lap seven when Schilling pulled ahead. Josh Soto caught up to the back end of Jones taking over second on lap 11.

As Schilling opened up his lead, Hershel McGriff Jr. patiently worked his way through the field to take second from Soto on lap 20.

With a quarter-lap lead on the field, Schilling drove his No. 11 to its first victory of the season. McGriff finished second and Soto third.

An invert put Jennifer Hall on the pole for the second main event, but it was Dwayne Hogan with the early lead coming into lap two.

Points leader Harry Ram took the lead from Hogan on lap eight. Schilling and McGriff battled behind him in second.

On lap 11, Schilling made his way around Ram to cruise to his second victory of the night. McGriff again finished second to Schilling and Ram rounded out the top three.

Pro Stocks

George Murphy led the Pro Stock field to the green flag with Mike Vaughan on the outside. Vaughan charged to the lead followed by Mariah McGriff.

Vaughan and McGriff raced door-to-door with Brian O’Brien looking on in third. Vaughan pulled to the lead but could not shake McGriff. Dustin Jones took over third on lap 17.

O’Brien was able to hold off Barry Levitt until the final lap when Levitt drifted high out of turn one. O’Brien backed off to avoid contact and fell to fifth. Levitt finished fourth.

Vaughan held off McGriff for his second win of the season.

Bandit Bandoleros

Jeffrey Erickson continues his winning streak in the Bandit Bandolero division with his third win of the season.

Starting on the pole in the main event, Erickson pulled to the early lead with Quinn Davis on his back bumper. The two separated themselves from the field until a caution on lap six for the spun car of Clayton White.

Erickson and Davis again drove away from the field on the restart with Erickson winning his third main event at Tucson Speedway. Davis held on for a second-place finish. Points leader Devin Jones finished third.

Outlaw Bandoleros

Though limited in number, the unrestricted Bandolero division held its own Saturday with Anika O’Brien pulling to the early lead with Adam Farr looking for an opening beneath her. Kierstin Jones sat within striking distance in third.

O’Brien held off Farr until lap three, when she settled in to second. Jones finished third


Tom Scott led the Legend field to the green flag but quickly lost the lead to Bradley Erickson.

Jaron Giannini and Tyler Hicks followed Erickson into second and third.

The three-pack pulled away from the field. Coming into lapped traffic, Erickson fell to third, giving up the lead to Giannini.

Hicks took his turn leading the field around the track. A caution on lap 23 for the stalled car of Boddie Parker gave Giannini the opportunity he needed to reclaim the lead. Hicks finished second and Erickson third.


Jim Outenreath and Kerri Outenreath took the Hornet field around to the green flag. From his fifth-place starting position, Phillip Lopez made it to the front to challenge Jim Outenreath for the lead.

Randy Spivey split the front runners to take over the top spot. Points Leader Jennifer Hall followed him into second.

Spivey and Hall separated themselves from the field for a nose-to-tail race to the finish. Spivey held on to to the lead for his second win of the season.

Skyler Teeters took third from Jim Outenreath with three to go.

Next race

Tucson Speedway presents the Roasted Rattler on Aug. 3 featuring the NASCAR Super Late Models, Modifieds, Outlaw Late Models, Hornets, Legends, Bandoleros and Mini Stocks.

Racing begins at 6:30 p.m. For information, visit www.tucsonspeedway.com.


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