BENSON — The Bobcats hosted the second cross-country meet in the county on Friday, with Tombstone, Safford, St. David and Willcox participating.

“This was only our second meet of the year but I can see all of our athletes getting better,” Bobcat coach Randy Barney said. “We did run a little later in the day than we did at our home meet last year which I think made a difference – the sun wasn’t beating down on us as badly.”

Benson had the only full team (five runners) in the girls race. They finished with 15 points. Tombstone, Safford, St. David, and Willcox also competed but did not have enough athletes for a team score.

Placing for the ‘cats were: junior Amity Hall 1st, freshman Bailey Hall 2nd, sophomore Siarra Wilson 5th, freshman Ella Allred 7th, sophomore Brooke Schmidt 8th, junior Delma Santiago 13th and sophomore Briley Barney 15th.

“I’m happy that our girls are doing so well,” Ladycat captain Amity Hall said. “It was nice to be able to run on our home course.”

Bailey Hall finished right behind her sister Amity in the girls’ race.

“I try to stay close behind Amity,” Bailey Hall said, “I’m getting closer to her every meet. I try to get a better time at each race.”

The Bobcat boys team finished 1st with 31 points followed by Safford with 33 and Willcox with 53. St. David. Tombstone and Willcox also had runners but not enough for a team score.

Placing for the ‘cats were: senior Sean Laura 2nd, junior Zach Laura 3rd, freshman Aaric Myatt 6th, sophomore Joseph Akers 12th, sophomore Max Frost 15th, freshmen Sy Arnold 19th, and junior Thomas Caywood 24th.

Captain Sean Laura believes the Benson teams will do very well this year and was excited with their home course performances.

“It felt good that both of our teams won our home meet,” he said. “I believe we can run even better this week at the Willcox Invitational.”

The St. David Tigers placed three athletes in the meet: senior Elijah Schmidt finished 4th and senior Zack Hacker placed 13th for the boys, while senior Alana Jones finished 18th for the girls.

“Even though we have a small team, our athletes are very enthusiastic, running well, and are getting better with each race,” St. David varsity coach Richard Jones said.

The ‘cats and the Tigers will both be competing in their third meet of the season on Wednesday in the Willcox Invitational.


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