Best of Preps: Taylor Fenn

Benson Senior Taylor Fenn was named the 2A East Region Defensive Player of the Year.

The honors that have been given to Benson High School senior Taylor Fenn are ones that any high school senior would be overwhelmed with pride to receive. But for Fenn, each new honor has her taking a step back to put everything into perspective, stay humble and thank those around her who helped make these awards possible.

Fenn was one of the 2020 Benson High School volleyball team captains this season. She has competed athletically in volleyball for eight years. As an underclassman she was the Bobcats’ setter. This year she was her teams’ defensive specialist, their libero.

“I like playing libero best, diving to save the ball and digging up hits,” Fenn said. “There’s no better feeling than digging up a hard hit.”

This year her volleyball talents were not left unnoticed as she was named the 2A East Region Defensive Player of the Year and named to the All-Region 1st Team.

“This was a well-deserved honor for Taylor,”Benson High School varsity volleyball coach Katie Maakestad said.

The challenges of volleyball kept Taylor striving to do better with each rally she helped her team win. Her dedication to staying mentally tough above everything also gave her a keen perspective into her duties as a team captain.

“Taylor was simply an awesome team captain,” Maakestad said. “Taylor was a kind, supportive, encouraging member of our team. She’s not a bossy leader but when she spoke her teammates listened. It was a pleasure to coach her and watch her grow as a player and as a leader.”

In addition to volleyball, Fenn is also a catcher for the Benson High School softball team. She has participated in softball for more years than she can remember.

Her earliest athletic memories include having her father Donnie Fenn as her youth coach and watching her cousins and sister compete. It was their inspiration, the fun that they brought to athletic competition, that helped her fall in love with sports. Her freshman year the Bobcat softball team took the 2A state title – the only year she was able to compete in high school with her sister Aly who was a senior.

“What I enjoy most about athletics is the time I can spend with my friends competing in the sports we love,” Taylor Fenn said. “Playing sports is just something I do that’s fun. I definitely am competitive though – I hate to lose but if that happens I accept it and learn from it.

“I’ve always set goals for myself,” Taylor Fenn said. “I want to be better at the end of the season than I was at the beginning.”

In addition to competing in volleyball and softball, the senior is a member of the National Honor Society, is on the Principal’s Honor Roll, is the captain of the LINK Crew and was selected as the 2020 homecoming queen by the Benson High School student body.

“This is Taylor’s second year as a member of our LINK Crew and this years’ captain,” Kristy Reynolds, Benson LINK advisor, said. “Taylor is very kind, definitely a positive influence on her peers. She is always willing to help and serve others. With the many changes happening in schools this year due to COVID-19 restrictions, Taylor stepped up to lead our LINK Crew in connecting positively with our freshmen online and with social media, creating surveys and fun activities for them.”

Taylor Fenn believes that her work ethic and positive attitude are directly related to the two people in her life she calls her role models, her parents Donnie and Emily Fenn.

“I see how hard my parents work and the way they treat others – they would drop everything if someone needed help,” Taylor Fenn said. “They have always been at my games supporting me. I know that I can count on them for anything.”

After graduating from Benson High, Taylor plans to go to college to study business management. Her future goals include working in interior home design.


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