Brok Determan

Junior quarterback Brok Determan is on of the captains for the Bobcats' young squad. 

Brok Determan has always felt at home on the football field. From well before the time he can remember, sports have been a huge part of his life.

“Brok is always putting in extra time running, lifting weights, or watching game films with his dad — he definitely goes above and beyond to be his best,” said Brok’s mother Michelle Determan. “Even when he tore his ACL in a game his freshman year and needed surgery, he would go to physical therapy but was always at practices and games to support his teammates from the sidelines.

“He perseveres, he does not let anything get him down. He works hard to get better and do his best. Brok simply loves sports.”

Brok is the starting quarterback for the No. 1 Benson football team, under the watchful eye of his coach and dad Chris Determan. He also is on the Benson basketball and baseball teams. Having his father as his coach is something Brok has always known and truly treasures.

“My dad is definitely my role model,” Brok Determan said. “He’s always there for me, on the field or at home. We have a special connection. He just wants me to be my best in whatever I choose to do.

“When we have a game he treats me just like he would any of our players, he wants us all to do our best and always leave it on the field. If we have a good practice or game or one that’s not so good, he’ll never bring it up at home unless I ask him about it. Then we can be talking football for hours.”

Chris Determan has coached his son from the time he started competing in sports — from youth football and baseball to high school basketball and now varsity football.

“It’s difficult but rewarding coaching your own son,” he said, “There’s definitely a separation between being on the football field and being at home. … Coaching Brok is rewarding but at the end of the day we have to realize that it’s all about getting better as an individual, as a team and as a group.”

Succeeding as a team isn’t lost on Brok Determan. He has been playing with his junior teammates since they were in elementary school. Being able to play with his friends is what the junior enjoys about playing sports.

“Growing up in a small town, my friends and I have played almost every sport together since we were about 6 years old,” Brok Determan said. “Bigger schools might not have the chemistry we do because we all know each other.”

Not letting sports be the only interest in his life, Brok is also an active member of the Benson High School community. This is his third year on the student council, currently serving as the junior class vice president. He is also a member of the school’s FBLA, HOSA, and NHS, and is on the honor roll. With all of Brok Determan’s interests, looking to his future holds many possibilities.

“I work hard to be my best in everything I do,” he said. “If I get the chance, I’d definitely like to compete in college football or baseball.”


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