COUNTY — Questions linger about whether of not high school athletics will be carrying on this fall. The simple answer is yes.

Now, whether or not your local school will be is a completely different question.

Districts across the state have different policies and thoughts on resuming athletics in their schools.

However, the Arizona Interscholastic Association is moving forward with having a season, with or without all of their member schools. Earlier this month the AIA released a phased schedule to the start of fall athletics based on feedback it received from member schools. There hasn’t been a change from the AIA to that schedule, even after the state health department released the recommended benchmarks.

Here is what each of the county schools are doing:


As of Monday, the district has decided to follow the AIA schedule, despite not having in person instruction.

“We at Benson are progressing towards starting all of our fall athletics in a safe fashion,” said Benson athletic director Chris Taylor. “We are hoping to start each of our fall sports on the dates given to us by the AIA.”


Darin Giltner, Bisbee High School principal, said a decision about fall athletics will be made at the school board meeting on Sept. 8.


The delay to in-person also delayed the schools athletic

workouts. Superintendent Eric  Holmes said when the board and administration revisit resuming in-person learning the week of Sept. 7 a decision will be made on athletics. If in-person learning resumes on Sept. 14 the first week of practices will be Sept. 7.


Athletics were halted until September. The district will discuss their plan at their Sept. 1 board meeting.


Will resume volleyball at the end of the month.


The Tigers are back in school and are following the AIA and CDC guidelines. They will resume cross country next week and volleyball the week after that.

“We are following their protocol to return back to fall athletic activities for our football, volleyball, and

cross country teams,” said St. David athletic director Jonathan Watts.


Cross country will start preseason practice next week and volleyball will start on Aug. 31. They football team has been conducting workouts most of this month using the AIA and CDC guidelines.

Official football practice starts on Sept. 7.


According to Willcox athletic director Chris Stalder, Willcox will do football, soccer, volleyball and cross country at the time frame set by AIA.


They will follow AIA schedule. Their football team has had

workouts throughout the summer without equipment or contact.


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