This year’s 2020-21 varsity football season was an award-winning one for St. David junior Talon Haynie.

When the season ended and the 1A South football coaches gathered to nominate athletes for their regional awards, Haynie had not only made an impact with his individual statistics but also in the eyes of the other regional coaches. By a vote of the 1A South coaches, Haynie was chosen to the regions’ first team offensively as a running back and defensively as a linebacker and was named the regions’ football player of the year.

“I was in the weight room lifting when my coach told me that I was this years’ regional player of the year,” Haynie said. “I was very surprised.”

The junior finished the season with 725 rushing yards, which was second in the region. He hadn’t played a full game until the playoffs because head coach Braden Davis pulled his starters by halftime. Haynie averaged 10 yards per carry and had at least 100 yards in all but one game.

“Talon was our only junior captain this year,” Davis said. “He emerged as a vocal team leader and also led by example, the guy who gave 100 percent in every drill, every practice, every lift, every play. Talon also serves his team by being the last guy off the field carrying equipment and doing the things nobody wants to do so everyone gets what they need, which is a great definition of a leader in my opinion. Off the field, Talon is pretty quiet, but when he puts on that helmet he can get pretty vocal and passionate.”

Last year Haynie earned 1A South first-team honors as a defensive back and punt returner. As a freshman and sophomore, he earned the St. David football teams’ ‘Tiger Award.’

Haynie has been playing football since he was in fifth grade as a running back and linebacker.

“I like playing running back the most because I like scoring touchdowns, getting those numbers on the board,” he said. “I remember when I was in sixth grade playing football and I made my first interception. That jump-started my heart and I thought ‘I’ve got to do this again.’ ”

Another motivation Haynie has is competing with his friends, working together to achieve the goals they set each year.

“We have a team goal to take state next year but we also have individual goals,” he said. “My biggest personal goal is to be the best I can be and possibly get the chance to move on to the next level and play in college.”

Haynie’s biggest fans, his parents, Bradley and Connie Haynie, know how much time and energy he puts into being the best that he can be.

“Talon lives for sports,” Connie Haynie said. “Once he has his mind set on something, he goes all out to achieve it, there is no in between. He eats, sleeps and lives football; it’s all he talks about, even out of season. He works hard to get stronger and faster, whether he’s at school in the weight room, at practice or working out at home, he is totally focused.”

In addition to playing football, Talon Haynie is a member of the Tigers’ baseball team. In his free time, he enjoys welding and woodworking.


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