DOUGLAS — Everyone who has played golf wonders what it would feel like to sink a hole-in-one.

For Douglas High School junior Colton Boone, that feeling became a reality on Sept. 16. While playing for the Bulldogs in a match against Tucson Sahuaro at Forty Niner Country Club in Tucson, Boone sank his first hole-in-one. What made the shot more special was that his dad, Greg, and several other members of his family were there to see it.

According to Douglas coach Luis Canez, the odds of hitting a hole-in-one are one out of every 13,000 shots. Boone, who has been Douglas’ top golfer all season, had been struggling that day through the first six holes and was 7 over par. It was the Bulldogs’ third match in four days, two of which had been in Tucson, and everyone was somewhat fatigued, the coach said.

Prior to playing the seventh hole, Canez advised Boone to calm down, take his time with each shot and finish strong.

Boone birdied the seventh hole before stepping up to the eighth hole, a 145-yard, par-three, and sank what coach Canez called “the shot of the season.” Boone said he felt he hit the ball well, saw it bounce a couple of times and then disappear. His dad and others standing around the eighth hole began cheering, yelling he had just sunk a hole-in-one, something that hadn’t been done at Douglas High School since 2012.

“I used a pitching wedge to hit the shot,” Boone said. “I knew it was a good shot as soon as I hit it. … It was a crazy feeling. Something I had never felt before. It was really cool having my dad there to see this.”

After sinking the hole-in-one shot, Boone birdied the ninth hole, shooting four-under-par the last three holes to finish with a score of 40.

“That has to be the highlight of the year for us,” Canez said. “That’s something you don’t see very often, especially in high school golf. It was an amazing, beautiful shot.”

Boone was introduced to golf when he was 8 years old by his dad and several other family members. When he entered high school, the first sport he signed up for was golf. He played two years under Bosco Selchow before Selchow retired.

“Coach Selchow took me in as a freshman and helped me develop my game to where it’s at now, and coach Chavez has worked off of that and has helped make me a better player,” Boone said. “(Golf) is a fun sport. People think it’s kind of boring, but it’s not. It’s actually very fun. I fell in love with it as soon as I started playing.”

Boone, following in the footsteps of his father who was a standout basketball player at Valley Union High School, also plays basketball for the Bulldogs and is hoping to play for the varsity squad this year when the season begins in November.

If he had to choose however between basketball and golf, Boone said he’d choose golf.

“I think I have a future playing golf,” he said. “I’d definitely like to play at the next level if given the opportunity.”

“He definitely has the tools and the work ethic to do it,” Canez added. “He’s a better golfer than I was at his age, and I got to play collegiate golf. He’s got more talent than I had. With one more year of eligibility, he’s definitely going to get better. I see him shooting under par next year.”

When he’s not playing golf or basketball, Boone serves on the DHS Student Leadership Athlete Advisory Board and is the vice president of the Bulldogs Basketball Club.

“If I’m not on the basketball court or playing golf, I’m probably watching Netflix shows, going to eat at El Burron and hanging out with my friends,” he said. “My goal every year is to qualify for state. It’s not looking too good for me at the moment. Next year I’m really going to strive for it. I plan on being out here as much as possible.”

Canez said of all the golfers on his team, Boone is the most dedicated and often helps his teammates with their game.

“He’s a dream to have on the team,” Canez added. “He’s got great motivation. He’s always out here helping his teammates when he’s not working on his game. Sometimes if I am late getting here because of school, I know Colton will get the guys started. He’s a great athlete to have on any team.”

Canez has been playing golf for more than 30 years and has four holes-in-one.

“I never did what Colton did in high school,” his coach said. “I do know the feeling of sinking a hole-in-one. My first ever (hole-in-one) was in Douglas. I was 23 years old. Two years ago I hit my fourth one.”

Through 10 matches this season, Boone has shot a season low of 37 and twice shot a season high of 44. In the regular season finale last week at home against Desert View, Boone shot a 39.

Boone and the Bulldogs have one last shot at making state when they compete at a golf tournament in Tucson Friday and Saturday.

“It’s been crazy,” Boone added when looking back on the season. “One that I don’t think I will ever forget.”


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