The Douglas High School Spiritline was honored at its end of the year awards banquet which was held Saturday March 14 in the DHS cafeteria.

The theme this year was “Galatic Gala”

“We had about 130 athletes, parents and friends in attendance,” Douglas’ Spiritline coach Andrea Barallardos said. “I have always had a large banquet for my athletes. I think each year it gets bigger and better. We started to theme our banquets about six years ago to make it even more fun. We gave out 24 awards this year.”

The Academic Athlete award, (the athlete with the highest GPA), went to Carlos Acosta.

The Golden Megaphone award which goes to the top athlete in athleticism, skill, teamwork, and attitude went to Laritza Martinez.

Danny Larez was named the Outstanding Senior.

Other varsity awards that were handed out at the event were:

Best Flyer — Tiffany Barallardos

Best Base — Laritza Martinez

Best Back base — Carlos Acosta

Best Stunt Group — Samantha Nieblas, Lartitza Martinez, Tiffany Barallardos, Carlos Acosta

Best Tumbler — Ivadny Ochoa

Best Dancer — Jasmine Galaz

Best Performer — Alani Valencia

Best Female Athlete — Sabina Burquez

Best Male Athlete — Carlos Acosta

Best attitude — Laritza Martinez

Top Teammate — Kassandra Espadas

Best new athlete — Carlos Acosta

Most determined — Jezilyn Jimenez

JV awards:

Best new athlete — Zoraya Botello

Most improved — Barbara Chavez

Most determined — Olivia Blalock

Best attitude — Gracie Blalock

Super Showmanship — Barbara Chavez

Some fun awards that were handed out that evening were: Biggest Showoff — Carlos Acosta; Best Duo — Brendy Berthely and Danny Larez, and Biggest Fail — Carlos Acosta and Amelia Gallardo.

“Tonight we reward our young athletes for their accomplishments and hard work over the past nine months,” Barallardos said. “We began our season working on character building and the importance of teamwork which is important to have a successful year. It isn’t easy dealing with 37 females. Just imagine having 37 daughters living at home, there are bound to be some attitudes, some arguing but there are also times of happiness, joy and accomplishment. I love all my kids and would protect them with my life. I hold them to high standards and have very high expectations and push them everyday to be better. Just like a parent our kids are not always happy with us and they don’t always understand our decisions but they should always know they are loved.”

Barallardos went on to say to make the year successful, it takes a village. She made a point to thank all the parents for their continued support, her booster club and her four amazing assistant coaches who sacrifice their time to work with these athletes.

“I truly love this sport,” Barallardos said. “It has been my passion since I was a little girl. I am beyond proud of our accomplishments this year and can’t wait to see what next year brings”


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