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Fairway and Basepaths: The final farewell

Billed as "The Last Play," the Father's Day tournament at the Turquoise Valley Golf Course is scheduled for Sunday morning, registration's online at jane@golfbisbee.com and the price is $100; a credit or debit card secures your spot. It would represent the final chapter of 111 years of continuous operation which began in Warren, moved to the border town of Naco in 1936 as a WPA project of nine holes, and then expanded to 18 holes in 1999. It had been "Bisbee Country Club" when my family became members in 1965.

The closing of the course has caused some angry comments, and announcement of the tournament has drawn mixed reactions. Facebook posts have recommended boycotting "The Last Play." Others suggest there might be tournament revenue sharing for dismissed staff now unemployed. I've voiced some optimism about that.

When a friend called, we made a positive decision and entered the event. Golf at this course had initiated our friendship, we both subscribe to the USGA's definition of "The Spirit of The Game," and we enjoy the challenges plus mental and physical health the game presents. If it is a last play, we intend to be a part of the finale and make it positive.

In a corner of my mind, there's a continuing thought that golf in this neighborhood will somehow continue to survive through the hard times.

I mean, neighboring Tombstone has been "The Town Too Tough To Die," and I'm impressed with the past 111 years of golf here.

Maybe it's due to my optimistic nature, but it's unrealistic, the death of golf here totally unfathomable, and I will stay tuned.


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