SIERRA VISTA — Tombstone’s mountain biking team put their own spin on taking advantage of the outdoors during quarantine.

The group is taking on a 100-mile ride challenge where each member of the team, once challenged, does the ride. Hailey Redenbo, a junior on the team, started the challenge after completing the ride on her trainer at home.

“Someone on the team did a 43-mile ride and I wanted to do a 44-mile ride,” she said. “Once I did that my dad said ‘you’re almost at 100 so you should keep going’.”

With Culvers on the line, she completed the 100 miles and felt a new sense of accomplishment.

“The Culvers at the end really motivated me,” Redenbo said with a laugh. “It’s fun and a challenge so I thought the team should do it.”

The challenge began when the team could not practice together earlier this summer. Head coach Mike Redenbo said the challenge served as motivation for his Yellow Jacket team to keep riding even though their season and practices had been halted.

“We were so separated as a team,” he said. “We had to keep them rolling and motivated so we came up with the challenge.”

Of the nine riders on the team five of them have completed the challenge as of this weekend and four coaches have also accepted the challenge and rode the 100 miles.

“Our goal is for everyone on the team to complete the challenge,” Mike Redenbo said. Everyone did their own routes.”

Andrew Smith (12), Caleb Thomasson (12), Caleb Lucas (11), Hailey Redenbo (11), Aaron Laidlaw (10), Mike Redenbo, Joseph Cuevas, Matthew Cuevas and Cory Montgomery have all completed the challenge.

Smith and Thomasson completed their ride together and made their way through southeastern Arizona. Smith said the started at Sun & Spokes Bicycle Shop in Sierra Vista made their way through Fort Huachuca to Sonoita and then from Sonoita made their way down Highway 82 to Tombstone and down Charleston Road back into Sierra Vista. He said they had to do a few more loops in town to fully complete the 100 miles. The pair started at 4 a.m. and Smith said it took roughly seven hours for them to complete.

“I was really tired at the 60-mile mark,” Smith said. “Just knowing you did a 100 miles is rewarding.”

Mike Redenbo said the team typically rides 100 miles in their three days of practice per week, so doing a 100-mile ride at once is a tough challenge for his team.

Despite the 100-mile ride being challenging both Smith and Hailey Redenbo said they want to complete the ride again because they had fun doing it. Smith added that he hopes the next time he does it he wants to be in better shape so he can complete it in a faster time.

“I hope more people do the challenge,” Hailey Redenbo said. “It’s really fun and really cool bragging rights.”


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