WILLCOX — Tombstone spoiled Willcox’s last volleyball match of the season Thursday night, winning 3-0 to finish 2-8 and avoid finishing last in region, leaving that spot for Willcox, who are 1-9.

“You can’t soften the blow of this loss,” Willcox head coach Todd Debaun said. “The difference between a great season and this season is that we competed in one game, the Benson victory, and we just showed up in all of the others.”

The Yellow Jackets won 25-16 and 25-19 before escaping with a 26-24 final game victory to get the sweep.

“Both teams were equal tonight,” Tombstone head coach Dan Romero said. “We were lucky we got good leads in games one and two, but game three Willcox played tough.

“Their libero, Jazlyn Felix, I’m impressed with her,” Romero said. “She picks up all our serves, she picks up all our hardest hits. They have a great libero that keeps them in the game.”

Willcox was swept in their two matches with Tombstone and lost seven out of their other eight, upsetting Benson in the middle of the season before dropping their last eight matches over-all without winning a game.

The Cowgirls played without a senior and should return all of their starters next year.

“One of the things great about this team is they are not quitters,” Debaun said. “They are fighters.”

Tombstone outfought Willcox in the season finale last night thanks to the leadership of senior Kaitlynn Sowell, one of six seniors on the roster.

“She didn’t miss any serves tonight, she dug the ball perfectly and kept the ball in play all night,” Romero said.

Tombstone concludes their season on Thursday when they host Patagonia.


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