Willcox’s Marcus Barba returns the ball in the first match.

WILLCOX — Cold, windy weather did not stop the boys and girls from Benson from performing at their best for the first win of the season.

The Benson boys beat Willcox 8-1 on Thursday.

“I feel really good; our team is playing well. We should have a good season ahead of us,” said Benson’s Camden Waite.

Singles Flights

#1 Benson’s Jordan Merrill defeated Luke Kauffman 8-5.

#2 Benson’s Joseph Lutz defeated Hunter Childers 8-0.

#3 Benson’s Cole Masey defeated Marcus Barba 8-1.

#4 Waite defeated Nic Ortiz 8-2.

#5 Benson’s Liam Galloway-Sprietsma defeated Ryan McClaine 8-4.

#6 Benson’s Scott Lutz defeated Favian Rodriguez 8-6.

Doubles Flights

#1 Benson’s Cole Masey/Jordan Merrill defeated Ryan McClaine/Luke Kauffman 8-6.

#2 Benson’s Camden Waite/Joseph Lutz defeated Hunter Childers/Marcus Barba 8-1.

#3 Willcox’s Favian Rodriguez/Nic Ortiz defeated Scott Lutz/Liam Galloway-Sprietsma 8-6.

The Benson girls also beat Willcox 8-1.

Singles Flights

#1 Willcox’s Jodi Denny defeated Taylor Lutz 8-2.

#2 Benson’s Paige Vaughn defeated Kamrielle Wyatt 8-4.

#3 Benson’s Lacy Hamilton defeated Sadie Todd 8-0.

#4 Benson’s Dahlia Bustamante defeated Kennedy Peterson 8-3.

#5 Benson’s Jannika Danzer defeated Khezia Perolino 8-2.

#6 Benson’s Myranda Sutton defeated Serena Salas 8-4.

Double Flights

#1 Benson’s Taylor Lutz/Paige Vaughn defeated Kamrielle Wyatt/Jodi Denny 8-5.

#2 Benson’s Lacy Hamilton/Dahlia Bustamante defeated Sadie Todd/Serena Salas 8-1.

#3 Benson’s Myranda Sutton/Jannika Danzer defeated Khezia Perolino/Kennedy Peterson 8-1.

“I feel like we're pretty strong and going into today’s match, I tried to relax and tell the others to relax as well; it’s our first match of the season,” said Sadie Todd of Willcox.

Benson (1-0) will host Willcox (0-1) on Tuesday, March 3, at 2 p.m.


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