BENSON — After a second day of extraordinary wrestling, several teams improved their day one rankings at the McGlumphy-Comaduran Duals, to make their mark to start the new year.

Morenci came from behind in day one to take down Benson and capture the first-place prize.

“I was very pleased in the grit our team showed today. Several of our matches in the finals, we were down and had to come back to win. I thought we showed a lot of heart,” said Morenci head coach Casey Woodall.

Morenci was down by 1 point to Benson after day one and, after the two teams met on Day 2, it was Morenci that took charge and beat Benson, 56-12, for first place.

Morenci finished first with 473 points, Benson finished second with 345 points, Thatcher finished third with 327 points, Willcox finished in fourth place with 281 points and Pima finished in eighth place with 220 points.

Eight Morenci Wildcats finished in the first place individually: Jordan Fernadez, Bubba Seballos, Conrad Aguallo, Calvin Dunning, Carlos Bray, Shawn Hudman, Cody Torres and Omar Ortega.

Thatcher held its own at the tournament and turned a lot of heads with the team’s performance. Landon Bryce finished 7-0 for the 106-weight class and Brik Skousen finished 7-0 for the 170-weight class.

Willcox moved up two spots from day one. Ote Allsup finished in first place with six pins, and Arnoldo Ruiz finished 7-0 for the 126-weight division.

“Overall, I felt we did OK. We started to get worse at part of the event, but I feel we will get it together and finish out very well,” said Willcox’s Raquel De La Cerda.

Pima finished keenly on day two of the tournament giving the Roughriders some momentum heading into the second half of the season. Jarom Larson dominated the 120-weight class, going 7-0.

Day 1

Morenci led most of the day but lost the lead late in the first day of the McGlumphy-Comaduran Duals to Benson.

“Overall we feel pretty good about today’s event. We have been pushing the pace, working hard and been doing what we have been doing in practice and it’s paying off,” said Morenci’s Steven Roybal.

Roybal’s knee popped out during one of his matches, but he was able to get it popped back in and continue to compete.

Roybal and four of his teammates Trey Rodriguez, Shawn Hudman, Omar Ortega, and Carlos Bray, all scored 24 team point’s a piece in day one of the tournament.

Thatcher finished in third place after the first day of wrestling with 225 points, Willcox finished the day in sixth place with 169 points and Pima finishing in eleventh place with 142 team points.

Thatcher’s Skousen finished with 28 team points, and his teammates, Brayden Oliver and Bryce, finished with 27 team points each.

“So far today, we have been doing good and have improved a lot and feel we will continue to do good,” Oliver said.

Willcox didn’t finish in the top five as the Cowboys wanted, but Allsup and Ruiz finished with 24 team points.

Pima didn’t do the best as a team when it came to scoring on the first day; however, Larson did lead the way with 28 points.


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