Saddle bronc

A saddle bronc rider does his best to stay on for eight seconds and earn a qualifying score.

WILLCOX — Grand Canyon Professional Rodeo Association made its presence felt again this year with the Rex Allen Days Rodeo.

Fans from as far as Switzerland came out to support the event Saturday and Sunday, making Quail Park Arena the place to be in Arizona last weekend.

Willcox native and rodeo participant Justin Rockhill said he loved the event and is looking forward to more.

“Steer wrestling — it was good; the steer’s ran fast, really fast. This event is more fun than scary; it’s an adrenaline rush. I like this rodeo, and I will be part of it again soon,” Rockhill said.

Winners of the Oct. 5-6 Rex Allen Days Rodeo are listed by event, place, name, time/score and prize amount.


Shane Morin, 79 points, $677

Steer Wrestling

Tyke Kipp, 6.6 seconds, $602

Tie Down Roping

Talon Cooper, 9.1 seconds, $757

Inc. Tie Down Roping

Colton Guin, 11 seconds, $415

Breakaway Roping

Nicole Baggarley, 2.3 seconds, $840

Saddle Bronc

Cooper Dewitt, 75 points, $817

No. 12 Team Roping Header

Bob Pimentel 6 seconds, $565

No. 12 Team Roping Heeler

Kyle Mccabe, 6 seconds, $565

Team Roping Header

Lane Stock, 5.3 seconds, $962

Barrel Racing

Ashley Haller, 17.71 seconds, $767

Inc. Barrel Racing

Kennedy Cook, Penney Bell (tie), 18.48 seconds, $318

Bull Riding

Wyatt Covington, 83 points, $877

Bull Day Money

Saturday and Sunday Hunter Kelly


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