Dancers with the Alma Dolores International Dance Centre

Dancers with the Alma Dolores International Dance Centre perform a number. The Centre is putting on its annual Christmas Show on Dec. 15.

SIERRA VISTA — On Friday, Dec. 15, the Alma Dolores International Dance Centre will present its annual Christmas Fantasy Show at the Buena Performing Arts Center at 7 p.m. Students of all ages, along with teachers, will perform in all different dance styles to the themes of this year’s show.

“Christmas Wonderland” will include many of the beloved holiday tunes and will have all of the characters that represent the season: Santa, his reindeer and elves, Frosty the Snowman, toy soldiers, dolls and more.

“Nativity” and “Season of Inspiration” will include performances inspired by the birth of Jesus, like “Hallelujah,” “Silent Night” and other heartwarming numbers.

“Everything Old is New Again” and “Everything New Can Be Old” is a fun variety segment that uses vintage music infused with a new flair, as well as new music with a vintage twist, creating an atmosphere of fun for everyone!

“White is for Peace” includes international dances from around the world. All performers will be dressed in white, symbolizing a message of healing and uniting the world. With special performances like “We are the World” and “Heal the World,” the grand finale is sure to impress everyone.

The audience is encouraged to bring battery-operated votive candles to join the performers from their seats in lighting the auditorium, creating a night to remember.

Tickets are available at the Alma Dolores International Dance Centre located at 3811 S. Highway 92, Sierra Vista, AZ 85650. Tickets may also be purchased at the Oscar Yrun Community Center and at the door. General admission is $14. For more information, please call (520) 378-3089 after 3:30 PM, or visit Also, be sure to check out our new 2018 class schedule! 


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