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Bisbee’s history to be portrayed through music and dance

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“The History of Bisbee thru Dance,” an ambitious theatrical performance representing the rich and colorful history of Bisbee, will be presented in several performances Friday through Sunday at the Bisbee Royale Theater, 94 Main St. in Old Bisbee.

Choreographer Rita Marie Verri, was inspired to create this production based on “A People’s History of Bisbee,” a recorded historical CD set, produced by longtime resident and radio producer Susan Wille.

Through images, sounds, music and dance, Verri depicts the most important aspects of Bisbee’s history, including the deportation, hardships of mining, brothels, the closing of the mines, settlement of newcomers, and Bisbee today.

The performances will include many different dance styles, including tap, Irish step, folklorico and modern. Dancers from Alma Dolores International Dance Centre and Desert Thunder Gym in Sierra Vista will be featured. The evening will be highlighted by the performances of Ms. Laura Beth Brown, former prima ballerina, Colorado Ballet Company; New York modern dancers Purush and Abigail Stage, and a performance from the international touring flamenco guest artist, Lena Jacome.

Verri — a choreographer, producer and director — was a member of the Debra Weiss Modern Dance Company in New York, host of WDMC-TV children’s show “The Queen of Arts,” and director of the Nyack Children’s Repertory Company. She has received numerous awards, including the Jenkins Award for outstanding teaching; and the Rockland County Arts Council Award, honoring outstanding individuals for their work in the arts, for her production of “Earth Kids,” written by Neil Fishman and Harvey Edelman. Verri is excited to share this spirited performance with the community.

Tickets can be purchased at Bisbee Books and Music, located in the convention center in downtown Bisbee, or on eventbrite.com. For information, please call 520-366-2092.

Submitted by Rita Verri


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