Local author H.M. Forrest takes readers on a whimsical journey into a magical land of elven fairy tales with two-time award-winning book.

Forrest’s “Dangerous Doorways are for Elfling Princes” is her second book award after previously winning a Book Excellence Award. “Dangerous Doorways are for Elfling Princes” was honored as an award-winning finalist in the Fiction: Anthologies category of the 2020 International Book Awards.

American Book Fest has announced winners and finalists of the 2020 International Book Awards. Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, Penguin Random House, John Wiley & Son, Palgrave Macmillan, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Thomas Nelson, Forge, Loyola Press, and hundreds of national and international Independent Houses contribute to this year’s Outstanding Competition, and congratulations are extended to Pope Francis on placing in several categories of the 11th Annual International Book Awards.

Jeffrey Keen, President and CEO of American Book Fest, said this year’s contest yielded over 2,000 entries from authors and publishers around the world, which were then narrowed down to the final results.

Keen says of the awards, “The 2020 results represent a phenomenal mix of books from a wide array of publishers throughout the world.”

“It was an honor for ‘Dangerous Doorways are for Elfling Princes’ to be chosen as a finalist in the International Book Awards,” Forrest said.

“I have always loved reading, and children’s literature in particular has had a strong influence on my writing. Such amazing writers as J.R.R. Tolkien and J.K. Rowling have been a true inspiration to me, and I enjoy crafting my own mysterious worlds to share with other young (and old) fantasy readers.”

“Dangerous Doorways are for Elfling Princes” is a short story compilation all about the whimsical world of elves, their kingdoms, and their daily lives, and is written for middle grade readers, younger advanced readers, and fantasy book enthusiasts of all ages.

Forrest gives readers insight into several magical elven kingdoms in sometimes humorous, sometimes terrifying adventures about young elfling princes and princesses. Readers can escape into ancient worlds of exciting and fantastical adventures, no matter how old they are.

The book has already received some great reviews. “I think the author writes very well, because I did not want to stop reading, even when I finished a story. I always wanted to start the next one right away.” –Maddie (age 12) for Reader’s Views Kids.

And a reader on Barnes and Noble wrote, “Utterly amazing! I have been an avid reader since I first learned how, and I have never read an anthology this good. Every one of its four different worlds draws you in, each one being totally fascinating. The stories range from gut-wrenchingly hilarious comedies, to dramatic epics that can only be placed akin to Shakespeare. H.M. Forrest proved herself to be an expert in her past works, and holds herself up to the highest standards of quality in this anthology.”

Forrest is available for author events, workshops, and signings, either virtual or within social-distancing guidelines. To buy a copy of “Dangerous Doorways are for Elfling Princes,” visit Barnes and Noble or Amazon. To contact H.M. Forrest or order signed book copies, email hmforrest1@gmail.com or author@hmforrest.com. Visit www.hmforrest.com and sign up for the newsletter to receive current updates and specials and to view the book trailer.

Submitted by H.M. Forrest


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