BISBEE — The Bisbee Rotary Club has announced a mayoral candidate debate at 6 p.m. on Monday, July 6, at the Bisbee Senior Center on Collins Rd., according to Rotarian Sherrie Morgan,

Incumbent Mayor David Smith will square off with challenger Kenneth Budge, a former Bisbee councilman, for the two–year seat.

The non–public debate will be moderated by Rotarian Rebecca Orosco and live streamed on the Rotary’s Facebook page. Essential personnel and candidates will wear masks and practice social distancing.

Morgan outlined the preliminary format. Rotary leadership will give an opening statement and introductions.

There will be three minutes each for Mayoral candidate’s opening statements. Coin flip sets who goes first. There will be approximately 10 questions, with a two minute time limit for each.

If a statement directly addresses the other candidate, then that candidate can have a 30 second response.

Final statement for each candidate will be two minutes.

The public may submit questions to:, or by message on the Rotary Facebook page at:

The Bisbee Rotary Club does not endorse any candidate.

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