BISBEE — Students in Bisbee can now pickup Chromebooks at the administrative office on Melody Lane in the old Bisbee Middle School to keep up with their studies.

School superintendent Tom Woody said the district picked up 90 Chromebooks through a federal grant earlier this year. In order to reach out to the students who did not have computers or laptops, he and staff decided to put the Chromebooks to work. So far, only 30 have been signed out.

Students at Greenway School and Lowell Junior High School can follow their studies with their teachers on Google Classroom, he added.

“They can continue learning the materials following the standards,” added Woody. “Teachers may update the material a couple of times a week.”

For those students unable to get online, packets of study assignments are available for pickup at the schools. The assignments cover one week of regular classes. When the assignments are completed, the students can return them to the schools for grading, he explained.

To help the students who would normally receive school meals, BUSD set up bagged meals which are available now at four sites in the Bisbee/Naco community, said Carol Loy, BUSD board member.

From 10 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., the meals can be picked up at Lowell Junior High School, Bisbee High School, Esperanza Apartments on Collins St. and at the intersection of So. Barnett Rd. and Delta St.

Then from 10:40 a.m. to 11:10 a.m., meals can be picked up at Headstart Way and McKinley Ave., BUSD administration building on Melody Ln. and at the Ironman statue on Tombstone Canyon. The child must be present to receive the meal, she noted. If a child and parent cannot get to any of these locations, they should contact the principals or the district office 432-5381 so other arrangements can be made, she added.

Woody said the district is seeing an increase in the number of students picking up the meals. Currently, only 15 percent have taken advantage of the offer.

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