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Huachuca City School

Albert Einstein said, “Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

While other schools and districts are shutting down around us, our students are bending water in science class, making 3-Dimentional maps of Arizona, playing sports, joining STEM club and Art club after school, and moving forward. Crossing our fingers that we can remain open, we will continue to do what we do best; teach and learn from one another.

This week, we are featuring our Title 1 program headed by our Master Teacher, Maribel Gonzalez.

Title I is a federal aid program for schools. The goal of Title 1 is to ensure a high-quality education for every child, by providing extra help to students who need it most. Huachuca City School is providing Title I services to students from Kindergarten to 8th grade. We are glad to have an awesome team working with our students. We have so much to learn from our students and we enjoy each moment with them. To see that light bulb turning on during our interventions is our reward. We will have the best year!

Walter J. Meyer School

Ms. Durley’s Kindergarten class is learning to use sight words to help build sentences. We add words to our list of sight words weekly. We are using Saxon Phonics to learn to read. This past week, the class started reading their first decodable book. In math, we have started describing shapes using three attributes, adding and subtracting within 5, and we continue to practice counting to 100. We had Spirit Week this month. Some of the students went all out with dressing to a specific theme each day. It’s been a great month!

Mrs. Bennett First Grade: The First Graders of Walter J. Meyer Elementary School hope that your October was full of fun.

We have worked very hard to learn two new short vowel sounds. They are the sounds for short /o/o as in hot, the short /e/e sound as in hen. We have also learned a vowel variant sound for short vowel /o/o as in call. We now know that everything as well as all animals and people have names. When those names are used in a sentence, they are the “telling part” if the sentence. We continued with that thought and learned that we can connect two telling parts of sentences into one sentence. All we must do is add the two telling parts together by putting the word and in-between them. An example would be Pat and Jan ran.

In math we are learning that we can use two numbers that are the same and add them together. They are called “Doubles Facts”. We also learned that the answers to these problems are always even and we use those even numbers to skip count by twos. We have met a new friend named Addie the Squirrel. Addie must gather her nuts for the winter. We count her nuts and “add up” how many she has by “counting on “ from how many she had to begin with.

We enjoyed Tombstone Unified Spirit Week and we are looking forward to learning about the Pilgrims and how the Native Americans helped them to survive their first year in a new land.

Have a great November!

Tombstone High School

Reagan McGuire finished 12th and Taylor Slattery finished 18th at the division IV state cross country championship. Congratulations to these girls for their incredible season.

Tombstone JROTC had 3 teams compete in Round 1 of the National Cyber Patriot cybersecurity competition. We compete in the All-Service Division. Teams have 6 hours to compete and secure 3 different systems that have vulnerabilities to cyber-attacks. Each system is worth 100 points. There is also a quiz and a network configuration exercise that are scored. Our three teams each had a great day. Our top team finished with 277 points and got a 100 on one of the systems. They also scored a 28.5 out of 30 on the quiz. The network exercise is yet to be scored. There are a total of 1416 teams registered in the all-service division. Currently, 244 have competed. Our three teams are currently in 9th, 12th, and 27th. The second round is on DEC 11. After those two rounds are complete, they combine the scores and advance to round 3. The top 30% move on to the Platinum level, the middle 40% are gold and the bottom 30% are silver. Though there are still a lot of teams to compete, and another round, I am confident that we will have 2 teams competing in the Platinum level and the 3rd will be borderline Platinum/Gold.

Here is a breakdown of the scores:

Team 1: Makeda Walker, Alyson Paterson, Nicholi Goeppinger, and William Boykin

Total: 277 Quiz Score: 28.5/30.0 Currently 9th

Team 2: Jolene Jacobs, Chris Stephens, Dakota Bible, Erick Amaya

Total: 270 Quiz Score 27.0/30.0 Currently 12th

Team 3: Nate Gleason, Gabe Gleason, Meghan Izzo

Total: 232 Quiz Score 24.0/30.0 Currently 27th

THS’ volleyball team completed their season with a trip to Glendale Prep for the first round of the state volleyball tournament. Winter sports teams have started practice, and the football team wrapped up their season with a game in Bisbee.