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Issue No. 60: The dairy issue

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We look at emerging trends, offer our best butter tips and feature cheesy recipes from a Top Chef winner. Feast and Field heads south to visitan award-winning, certified dairy farm to talk all things milk, butter and cheese with Alabama’s Working Cows Dairy.

What happened to the dairy of our childhood? When cafeterias and billboards were once plastered with “Got Milk” ads, the milk movement of the past has seemingly died down. We look at why that is, and what has since taken its place. While we may not be guzzling milk by the glass as frequently anymore, calcium is still an essential mineral to our bones. Yes, your childhood doctor was on to something. We look at how we can still maintain our calcium intake (and answer: how much is too much?).

If you’ve ever been confused by salted versus unsalted butter, or didn’t understand the importance of your butter’ temperature when baking, be sure to check out our butter guide. Finally, what’s a dairy issue without cheese? We asked Top Chef Season 16 winner, Kelsey Barnard Clark, to supply us with a few of her ooziest, gooiest recipes, and she delivered.

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