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Issue No. 53: Leafy Greens in Michigan

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Issue No. 53: Leafy Greens in Michigan

We all know that greens are essential to our diets due to their highly nutritional benefits. And with that, they are consistently in high demand. While leafy greens do not grow on trees, they do grow in hydroponic greenhouses all over the world. We visit Michigan’s Revolution Farms to see how they grow their exceptionally fresh, nutritious greens in a highly sustainable, efficient way.

We’re told to eat green, but what are the reasons exactly? The pros of eating leafy greens go beyond weight management, from better gut health to lowered risk of heart disease. However, we get it: Are you finally sick of kale? If so, we offer alternatives that pack just as much nutritional punch — and flavor — as the once trendy green. If you’re guilty of not finishing your lettuce before it goes bad, we have a few easy solves for you.

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