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Cochise County, in conjunction with the Cochise County Tourism & Economic Council (CCTEC), is launching a new marketing brand designed to enhance future economic development and tourism.

The iconic County logo featuring Native American Chief Cochise, for whom the County is named, will not be changing and still remains the County seal. Residents will continue to see this historic logo used throughout the County.

“We have the proud distinction of being the only county in the nation named for a Native American Chief, and we will continue to honor that history,” said Supervisor Tom Borer, chair of the Cochise County Board of Supervisors.

Discussions regarding a new brand began in 2018 during the Board of Supervisors’ strategic plan work sessions and the monthly CCTEC meetings. It was agreed to take a joint approach to provide a cohesive messaging for economic development and tourism marketing following a downturn in the regional economy and loss of population.

The members of CCTEC are Cochise County, Sierra Vista, Douglas, Benson, Bisbee and Willcox. Agenda and minutes can be viewed at

In November 2019, a formal Request for Proposals process was facilitated by Cochise County Procurement and eight bids were received. The contract was awarded by CCTEC to Pat Davis Design Group in February 2020. Based in Sacramento, California, the company has more than 40 years of experience working with local government organizations, including in Arizona.

Following input from community stakeholder groups in Bisbee, Benson, Douglas, Willcox, and Sierra Vista in March, and subsequent feedback from a branding work group, Pat Davis Design Group presented three concepts to the CCTEC, which unanimously agreed to move forward with the concept now being rolled out. Two logos will be used for CCTEC tourism marketing, and an adapted version to market Cochise County services.

The new modern and vibrant look captures many elements of Cochise County through its colors – Copper (mining/sunsets), Turquoise (Bisbee blue/skies), Merlot (Willcox wine country) and Dark Skies Blue (night skies/stargazing). The graphic element represents the mountains, river and creeks, the sun/moon, cool breezes and open spaces. It’s also the shape of the county.

“Following years of slow recovery from the 2008 recession and a decrease in population, Cochise County needs to step up its marketing efforts to help us grow and for our communities to thrive. The recent and ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic means this is more important than ever before,” added Borer. “We now have a distinctive brand that will help us to do that, and to reach beyond our borders.”

The cost of the project is $50,000. The CCTEC budgeted $35,000 with rollover funds from its 2018-2019 budget, and Cochise County contributed the additional $15,000 from its 2019-2020 marketing budget. As well as new logos, marketing materials, and branding templates, the total cost includes a new website, to be launched in late July/early August. The website will be expanded to include a section on living and working in Cochise County.

The new branding will be phased in over at least two years to ensure the transition is as cost-effective as possible. Residents will also see the brand used on the county’s website, social media, newsletter and through other public outreach mediums.

Submitted by Amanda Baillie, Cochise County public information officer

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