SIERRA VISTA — Sierra Vista Unified School District was notified of someone testing positive for the coronavirus Friday morning.

District spokesperson Jacob Martinez said the person with the positive test is from Town & Country Elementary School, however, he would not specify if the person was a teacher or student because he didn’t want “risk identifying the individuals involved.”

“At this point I’m not comfortable identifying if it was a student or staff, but I will say any one who was in close contact has been asked to self-quarantine for 14 days, including distance learning,” he said.

The notification did not come through the screening process as it was reported to the school. Students and staff are screened upon arrival at the school. Martinez said one class is thought to be affected. The areas where the person spent “considerable” time have been locked down and made inaccessible until they can be sanitized.

Parents have been notified to keep and eye on their students for any COVID-19 symptoms and visit the district website for exact protocols.

“This does not change or trigger us to do distance learning,” Martinez said. “If we see a surge in cases that would be a consideration, but at this point we are attempting to isolate and minimize exposure.”