Who needs a sports fix? I know I do. Well, help me congratulate the 2020 Best of Preps nominees!

This year we are set to recognize over 200 athletes, coaches, teams and fans. Since we can't have our dinner and awards banquet, the Herald/Review has decided to post a video announcing this year's winners and will publish a special section at the end of the month will all the winners and nominees in it. Both will be published at the end of the month.

In an effort to recognize our spring sports, although we couldn't watch them play, we asked all the coaches to select the seniors on their teams who have had an impact on the program with more than just their play. Their comments about these players will make the section a bit more special!

All of the nominees are listed below. We ask that if you were nominated or your team was that you fill out a Google form by clicking here. We need this information collect your T-shirt size and keep in communication with you about how to receive your shirt and certificate. 

The winners of the medals and plaques will be announced at the end of May. 

Although our sports season was cut short, thank you for making this year fun to watch for myself and all your fans. 

If you have any questions feel free to email me at alexis.ramanjulu@myheraldreview.com

Best of Preps 2020 Nominations


David Ballesteros Bisbee 12

Rj Wright Bisbee 12

Dano Lopez Bisbee 12

Hunter Perry Bisbee 12

Jovoni Borbon Buena 12

Keyon Taylor Buena 10

Jesse Avina Buena 12

Will Stemler Buena 10

Dominic Avant Buena 11

Carson Barney Benson 12

D'Ondre Villalobos Benson 12

Jacob Bonilla Tombstone 12

Trey Rose Douglas 12

Christian Estrella Douglas 12

John Ballesteros Douglas 12

Joaquin Escalante Douglas 12

Caiden Hall Willcox 12

Jonathan Garcia Willcox 12

Cory Encinas Willcox 12

Logan Davis St. David 11

Kason Jacquez St. David 11

Kydin Richardson St. David 9

Girls Cross-Country

Sarah Pedersen Buena 10

Amity Hall Benson 10

Kiera Lumpkin Bisbee 11

Yasmin Morales Bisbee 11

Paloma Asaro Bisbee 9

Brynn Lumpkin Bisbee 11

Jenally Barco Douglas 11

Sophia Rico Douglas 11

Boys Cross-Country

Andy Richardson Buena 12

Ramon Loya Bisbee 9

Sean Laura St. David 11

Girls Volleyball

Dominique Escarcega Tombstone 12

Emiliegh Furry Buena

Emily Darwin Benson 11

Gabby Lopez Bisbee 9

Hallie Haymore Buena

Jasmine Ortega Tombstone 12

Jazmine Gil-Urias Tombstone 12

Kailyn White Buena

Kierstan Schilling Tombstone 9

Lauren Lane Buena 12

Madison Green Douglas 12

Moxie Mosman Tombstone 12

Victoria Valenzuela Douglas 11

Yasmin Morales Bisbee 11

Val Wright Bisbee

Jenitzia Valenzuela Bisbee

Jimena Valdez Bisbee

Isabelle Tanabe Douglas 11

Jazlyn Felix Willcox 11

Kayla Judd St. David 12

Sydney Klump St. David 12

Kyla Trejo St. David 12

Boys Golf

Isaac Ruiz Buena 12

RJ Wright Bisbee 12

Tyler Antonucci Benson 12

Boys Basketball

Jovany Featherston Buena 12

David Ballesteros Bisbee 12

Ernie Withers Tombstone 11

Carson Barney Benson 12

Francisco Lugo Douglas 12

Samuel Ramos Douglas 12

Christian Estrella Douglas 12

Jose Ruiz Douglas 12

Jaylen Mcfadden Buena 12

Rico Lunt Willcox 10

Talen Palmer Benson 12

Kason Jacquez St. David 11

Reo Larson St. David 11

Girls Basketball

Jaslyn Booker Buena 12

Gabby Lopez Bisbee 9

Lydia Griffith Buena 12

Emily Darwin Benson 11

Jenitzia Valenzuela Bisbee

Rebekaah Claus-Walker Valley Union 12

Nereyda Trevino Douglas 12

Clarissa Jaramilo Douglas 11

Cariela Miramontes Douglas 12

Shaylin Taylor Benson 12

Ana Barajas Willcox 11

Tapanga Alexander Willcox 12

Jaylin Richardson St. David 12

Kyra Richardson St. David 12

Kayla Judd St. David 12

Boys Wrestling

Caiden Hall Willcox 12

David Donahue Bisbee 12

Victor Ramos Bisbee 12

Christian Contreras Bisbee 11

Clayson Goodwin Benson 12

Joshua Kirk Buena 12

Albert Ambriz Douglas 10

Clayton Sherman Benson 12

Kelby Flowers Willcox 12

Jermiah Toyota St. David 10

Brayden Merrill St. David 10

Girls Wrestling

Adaecelli Noriega Bisbee 9

Jasmine Jacquay Tombstone 12

Gabby Burgos Buena 12

Girls Soccer

Astrid Galvez Buena 12

Haley Delos Santos Buena 10

Victoria Maxwell Tombstone 11

Deyanira Victor Douglas 12

Jenally Barco Douglas 11

DamarizMiranda Douglas 12

Yunise Murguia Douglas 12

Venezia Galindo Douglas 12

Boys Soccer

Zergyo Adame Bisbee 11

Michael Settle Buena 12

Joaquin Escalante Douglas 12

Miguel Sosa Douglas 12

Daniel Leyva Douglas 12

Jose Loreto Douglas 12

Adrian Arciniega Douglas 12

Jesus Hernandez Willcox 12

Manuel Zepeda Willcox 12

Carlos Lon Willcox 12

Steven Coleman Benson 12


Brendy Berthely Douglas 12

Danny Larez Douglas 12

Carlos Acosta Douglas 11

Laritza Martinez Douglas 10

Chloe Reynolds Benson


Trey Rose Douglas 12

Leo Felix Douglas 12

Jose Ruiz Douglas 12

Carlos Bello Douglas 12

Ramon Gonzales Douglas 12

Derek Terry Willcox 12

David Peterson Willcox 12

Caiden Hall Willcox 12

Austin Stalder Willcox 12

Damian Vasquez Willcox 12

Miguel Vasquez Willcox 12

Jesus Hernandez Willcox 12

Kyle Baker Benson 12

D'Ondre Villalobos Benson 12

Skyler Merrill St. David 12

Jimmy DeLaCruz St. David 12

Jovoni Borbon Buena 12

Luke Thrasher Buena 12

Blake Yeagley Buena 12

Jacob Kale Buena 12

Carlos Herrera Buena 12

Jamie Werne Buena 12

Gustavo Morales Tombstone 12

Dylan Thompson Tombstone 12

Dom Jordan Tombstone 12

Job Rains Tombstone 12

Luke Hammett Bisbee 12

D'Marco Chavez Bisbee 12

CJ Sherman Bisbee 12

Dano Lopez Bisbee 12

David Ballesteros Bisbee 12

Armando Valenzuela Bisbee 12


Tapanga Alexander Willcox 12

Serena Villegas Willcox 12

Daniella Pando Willcox 12

Letty Lopez Benson 12

Shaylyn Hickman Benson 12

Kyra Richardson St. David 12

Jaylin Richardson St. David 12

Megan Merrill St. David 12

Zoey White St. David 12

Andrea Parra Douglas 12

Alondra Lugo Douglas 12

Aylin Hernandez Douglas 12

Renee Urrea Douglas 12

Janae Alemanm Douglas 12

Shainah Niero Douglas 12

Lauren Brown Buena 12

Katie Nuetzel Buena 12

Aspen Padgett Buena 12

Kenzie Shaw Buena 12

Alani Champan Bisbee 12

Franchesca Gomez Bisbee 12

Jessie Fellek Bisbee 12

Maria Valenzuela Tombstone 12

Jasmine Ortega Tombstone 12

Kassandra Rivera Tombstone 12

Boys Tennis

Thomas Haynie St. David 12

Joseph Lutz Benson 12

Nicolas Ortiz Willcox 12

Jeremy Nieto Willcox 12

Favian Rodriguez Willcox 12

Angel Rivas Willcox 12

Jonathan Garcia Willcox 12

Konnor Comier Douglas 12

Adan Rodriguez Douglas 12

Nathan Haws Buena 12

Bernie Polaha Buena 12

Thor Gavin Buena 12

Jacob Bonilla Tombstone 12

Bobby Phillips Tombstone 12

Girls Tennis

Andrea Larios Douglas 12

Alejandra Montes Douglas 12

Dominique Escarcega Tombstone 12

Dayla Durrer Tombstone 12

Ashlynn Elwess Buena 12

Mary Morris Buena 12

Emily Squires Buena 12

Boys Volleyball

Brandon Beiswenger Buena 12

Eric Bhe Buena 12

Levi Griffith Buena 12

Carsten Huber Buena 12

Jonathan McGuyer Buena 12

Matthew Nieuwenhuis Buena 12

Isaac Ruiz Buena 12

Max Urrea Buena 12

Wyatt Vogende Buena 12

Boys Track

Jesse Avina Buena 12

Justice Grant Buena 12

Andy Richardson Buena 12

Oscar Villalobos Buena 12

Steven Coleman Benson 12

Jonathan Garcia Willcox 12

Brayan Hernandez Willcox 12

Kelby Flowers Willcox 12

Heber Miller Willcox 12

Eduardo Coronado Douglas 12

Fernando De La Riva Douglas 12

Caleb Kelly Douglas 12

Anthony Lopez Douglas 12

Tino Montano Douglas 12

Javier Moreno Douglas 12

Gerson Preciado Douglas 12

Sergio Zuniga Douglas 12

Jorge Ochoa Douglas 12

Michael Zelanzy Tombstone 12

Andrew Hayhurst Tombstone 12

Girls Track

Amanda Nelson Benson 12

Akira Jones St. David 12

Kyra Richardson St. David 12

Kayleen Jensen Willcox 12

Ashley Riggs Willcox 12

Alma Barajas Willcox 12

Cassandra Altamirano Douglas 12

Scheccid Bejarano Douglas 12

Julie Escogido Douglas 12

Maria Jose Grijalva Douglas 12

Adrianna Jimenez Douglas 12

Isela Torres Douglas 12

Sara Perez Douglas 12

Deyanira Victor Douglas 12

Jahdai Jones Buena 12

Jasmine Jacquay Tombstone 12

Male Athlete of the Year

Caiden Hall Willcox

Clayson Goodwin Benson

Jovoni Borbon Buena

David Ballesteros Bisbee

Luke Hammett Bisbee

Gustavo Morales Tombstone

Female Athlete of the Year

Emily Darwin Benson

Deyanira Victor Douglas

Tapanga Alexander Willcox

Gabby Lopez Bisbee

Coach of the Year

Adam Fuhiman Buena O-line

Joe Thomas Buena Football

Cole Colvin Buena Girls Basketball

Matthew Keough Buena Football

Josh Lopez Bisbee Softball

Dennis Baker Buena Basketball

William Maxwell Tombstone Girls Soccer

Alfonso Romero Douglas Boys Soccer

Courtney Borquez Bisbee Girls Basketball

Patrick Macumber Willcox Soccer

Tylene Miller St. David Volleyball

Chris Determan Benson Football

Team of the Year

St. David Girls Volleyball

Buena Football

Bisbee Soccer

Bisbee Girls Basketball

Douglas Boys Soccer

Fan of the Year

Clifton Clarida Sr.

Ainslee Wittig

Nick Maldonado

Alex Wolf


Audelissia Areola

Joel Enriquez

Patrick Macumber

Tombstone Football

Douglas Football

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