power lines

Power lines knocked down by Saturday's storm.

UPDATE: from SSVEC: "8:30 pm UPDATE – 98% of affected members have been restored. The remainder will be back in power later tonight or on Sunday morning.

7:20 p.m. – Crews are onsite replacing poles, and anticipate having the majority of affected members back in service by 9:30 pm. SSVEC crews will continue to work through the night and into tomorrow in order to restore power to all affected members by tomorrow morning."

SIERRA VISTA — A power outage caused by several down power lines near the Herald/Review printing facility will impact Sunday's printing and delivery.

According to Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative's outage notification system, Saturday's storms "caused several small outages throughout Sierra Vista and Fort Huachuca."

"There is one large outage caused by the storm where it took down six poles in the area of Carmichael," SSVEC's outage website stated. "We are expecting the power in this area to be out for the better part of the night while our crews work on replacing those six poles."

The Herald/Review printing facility was without electricity Saturday night until about 8:30 p.m. The delivery time for Sunday's Herald/Review is expected to be delayed for several hours due to the power outage.

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