HC community garden

Huachuca City Community Garden program manager and grant writer Ann Aust, left, and Alison Ozgur, registered dietitian and nutritionist, talk about some of the vegetables recently harvested from the garden

In 2021, Huachuca City looked to grants, residents and the local garden group to upgrade amenities.

CDBG park improvements

After entering into a contract with EPS Group Inc. for guidance on architectural services and construction management, the town of Huachuca City is preparing to start a parks improvement project.

Made possible through a $480,000 Community Development Block Grant, most of the funds will be used for long overdue improvements to Leffingwell Park, located behind Huachuca City Town Hall.

Town council members approved the $69,300 contract with EPS early in 2021, with the agreement that EPS will supervise the project from start to finish.

When the town’s CDBG funding was announced in 2020, Huachuca City held public meetings for community input to determine how residents wanted to see the money spent, with upgrades to parks a major focus.

Initially, improvements to parks throughout Huachuca City were proposed, but once estimates for the work were completed, the list had to be streamlined due to high construction costs. With Leffingwell Park (also referred to as “the City Park”), as the town’s largest and most heavily used facility, council members voted to make Leffingwell a priority. Some improvements to Keeline and other parks throughout town could be included in the project, if funding permits.

Healthy living outreach

A series of eight wellness workshops designed to promote healthy eating and lifestyles was offered by the nonprofit Huachuca City Community Garden.

The workshops, which started the first Saturday in October and ran through November, represented the first phase of a wellness program HCCG plans to continue for the people of Huachuca City and surrounding areas.

Incorporated in 2018 to provide fresh produce at no cost to residents in need, the garden has made great strides since its inception. With the production side successfully established, HCCG has expanded its outreach efforts to include a teaching and learning program. A newly established morning walk is another addition to the community garden’s healthy living offerings.

Since the garden’s inception three years ago, more than 8,500 pounds of produce have been grown and distributed throughout the Huachuca City community.

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