A jubilant Richard Karwaczka celebrates after being named the new Cochise County Administrator during a county supervisor meeting Friday afternoon. Karwaczka is a county public defender.

BISBEE — After a full day of interviewing three candidates for the county administrator position, the Board of Supervisors offered the job to public defender Richard Karwaczka by a unanimous vote.

Supervisors Peggy Judd, Ann English and Tom Borer were impressed with Karwaczka’s legal background, his willingness to help the county and his sense of humor.

“He really cares about us and has a sense of humor,” said Judd. “He even did a dance we he was chosen. I think we need that in our county. He’ll be a good fit for our board. He made me feel ‘we’re going to get through this.’ I strongly feel we did the right thing.”

English stated, “We had three strong candidates which shows how much talent we have within the county. Richard was enthusiastic, intelligent. I feel he has the qualities to work with staff and the elected officials.”

Once contract negotiations are complete, Karwaczka will take the helm of county government.

In Karwaczka’s letter of interest, he stated, “I am already aware of many of our county’s most pressing challenges. Managing pension liabilities, recruiting and retaining top talent, driving responsible development and bringing the port of entry project to fruition are among the important tasks the new county administrator will have to tackle.”

His business experience began with an instructorship at Northwestern Business College in Chicago, Ill., in 2004 and he later went on to a substitute instructorship at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago. While working at Serio & Karwaczka in private practice, he opened a pizza shop and oversaw the business.

From there, he took a prosecuting attorney jobs with Cook County and Kane County State Attorney’s Office.

In 2016, he moved to Bisbee as county deputy chief public defender and in 2019 was promoted to director.

Karwaczka, Development Services Director Daniel Coxworth and IT Director Joe Casey were selected to be interviewed from a field of 17 candidates who submitted letters of interest.