This week, Todd Holiday, CSM, USAICoE, spoke with the Rotary Club of Sierra Vista concerning a relatively new view of the Army as a profession. His remarks highlighted the efforts being made to establish the Army as a professional entity, with the standards and values espoused by other professions.

The Army Profession

In October 2010, the Army instituted the Army professional campaign. With its creed — No one is more professional than I — the goal was to make the Army professional a better reflection of the ideals and standards espoused by the Army as a whole. Doctrines were established, educational standards were set and standards were implemented across the Army (no more variance).

As a part of the campaign, members of the Army were asked to reflect on what it meant for the Army to be a profession, what it means to be a professional, and how after more than 10 years of war, are we as individuals and as a profession meeting those aspirations?

Military and non-military members of the Army are part of the "Army Profession," each striving to exhibit the competence, character and commitment that make an individual a professional.

CSM Holiday identified the five essential characteristics of the Army profession as: Military expertise, honorable service, esprit de corps, trust and stewardship of the profession. As soldiers incorporate these ideals into their lives in the Army, the organization transforms from a just another job, to a professional career.

CSM Holiday concluded by encouraging Rotarians to be “a part of something larger than you are,” which is what the Army professional strives to do.

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Nathan J. Williams is the Rotary Club of Sierra Vista reporter.

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