BENSON — Floyd Graf, a recently retired sergeant with the Benson Police Department, was recognized at Monday’s council meeting for his 20 years of service.

In his first council meeting as Benson’s new mayor, Joe Konrad presented Graf with a plaque and praised his service with the City of Benson.

“Floyd, I have the honor of recognizing you with your 20-year service award,” Konrad said as he presented Graf with a plaque.”You were a gentle and kind person, and we will miss you on the police force.”

While accepting the award, Graf spoke briefly about his work on the force, and shared why serving the City of Benson was rewarding work for him.

“Twenty years ago seems so far away, but for some of us here in this room, it’s a blink of an eye,” Graf said, adding that he appreciates all those who allowed him to serve the community.

“I’m grateful to all the mayors, present and past, council members present and past, city managers present and past and all those other people that worked so hard so we could be out there and be able to have the great careers like I’ve had.”

He also thanked his wife and children for “putting up with all the missed weekends, holidays and birthdays” during his years on the force.

Council member Barbara Nunn said the town was lucky to have Graf on the force.

“I’ve been here as long as you’ve been here. You’ve been well loved in our community. I’ve never seen you angry. Every time I ever see you, you always had a smile on your face, and you always made sure our residents knew that they were important. I truly thank you from the bottom of our heart for what you’ve done for our community and the family.”

King added that Graf is one part of Benson that will be missed.

Graf praised the department’s chief of police, Paul Moncada, and co-workers, as an amazing team.

“We treated people fairly and equally, we respected them whether they’re in handcuffs or not,” he said. “I’m a bit concerned with the direction our nation is going. I’ve always been a simple person and realize I can only do so much, as everyone else. I know when I looked at myself in the mirror, I gave thanks for the opportunity to serve other people and the opportunity everyday to do something good. And we’re going to keep doing it.”

Council member Lupe Diaz thanked Graf for his encouragement to young people during his years with the department.