BENSON — Fireworks lit up the Benson sky Saturday evening in a spectacular Fourth of July show that dazzled the crowd at Lions Park.

Children with glow sticks stretched out on blankets as far as the eye could see, while adults enjoyed the nearly hour-long display from lawn chairs.

Sponsored by the City of Benson, the show received rave reviews.

“I’ve been a Benson resident since 2003, and this has to be the best fireworks show the city has ever thrown,” said Lucy Figueroa who watched the display with her three girls, all under five years of age.

“It was amazing. Every display was spectacular, and my girls loved it. With so many activities being canceled because of COVID, this was exactly what the community needed.”

Lisi Harris kicked-off the show by singing the National Anthem. From start to finish, the program was accompanied with a music lineup by Tucson DJ Service.

“I really liked the fireworks and the music was amazing,” said 15-year-old Tyler Soto. “My family came here from Vail and we all thought it was an excellent show. The DJ put together a great music selection to go with the displays.”

Ronnie Heinemann came from Tucson to celebrate the festivities with six family members from Vail. Tucson, Marana and other cities and groups in Pima County canceled their fireworks this year due to concerns surrounding the pandemic.

“This was a fantastic show, and I’m really happy to be here tonight with my family. It’s a beautiful evening, the fireworks were incredible and I loved the music.”

Tera Ballard, a 2006 Benson High School graduate and mother of three, praised the city for its decision to host a fireworks show, despite cancelations across the state.

“I’m so proud of Benson for holding this celebration,” she said. “We were planning to go to El Paso for the Fourth of July, but they canceled their fireworks display and other activities. Most cities and towns canceled this year, so I think it’s great that Benson came through like this for the community.”

Alana Sanchez, 17, was in town from Coolidge, spending Independence Day festivities with her Benson High School friends, Ryan Francione, Baylee Cardenas and Jaden Barney.

“It was a beautiful show and I loved it,” she said.

Caleb and Esther Shull attended the fireworks show with their two little girls, one-year-old Grace and Charity, 3.

“It was fun watching the fireworks, and how the girls reacted to them” Grace said. “From start to finish, Benson put on a fantastic show. It’s great to have something like this for families, especially with so many things on hold for now.”

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