Benson mayoral candidate Joe Konrad

Submitted photo -- Joe Konrad, who is running unopposed for Benson Mayor in the upcoming election will be replacing the City's current Mayor Toney King. 

Joe Konrad, longtime Benson resident, former council member and vice-mayor is running unopposed for Benson’s mayoral position.


Name: Joe Konrad

Age: 64

Occupation: Machinist

City of residence: Benson

Party Affiliation: Republican (important to note here that the mayor and council are non-partisan positions)

Family: Married to Vicky Konrad for 43 years. We have three grown children and four grandchildren.

Tell us a little about yourself, in 30 words or less:

We came to Benson in 1990. I have been employed by Arizona G&T Cooperatives since 2003. Prior to that I worked for Modular Mining Systems.

In your opinion, what is the greatest challenge facing the City of Benson at this time, and as mayor, how do you plan to address it?

The answer is always the budget. We manage to get by from year to year, but we need to find new revenue. The primary purpose of the city is to provide services to our citizens. Our current situation is such that increasing revenues equates to raising taxes. Decreasing expenditures equates to reducing services. This is not a winning combination. It is important that we recognize the current city administration for the work they have done to reduce costs and manage the budget. As mayor, I will work with our city manager to find ways to promote Benson in order to bring in new revenue. I am a big believer in the process of continuous improvement.

What qualifies you for the office of mayor?

In addition to meeting the minimum requirements as prescribed by statute, my terms on the city council and as vice mayor have given me the experience and background that it will take to be mayor.

What contributions do you feel you will bring to the table Benson’s mayor?

My experience over the last five years as council mayor and vice-mayor will be the biggest contribution. I have been able to work well with other council members even when we are on opposite sides of issues. Civility must always prevail even when you disagree. A healthy council can be able to debate sensitive issues and still remain united.

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