BENSON — In a city budget report by Benson Finance Director Seth Judd at Monday’s council meeting, the City of Benson showed improvements in its budget from the 2019 fiscal year.

Overall, revenues increased by $2.1 million from last year, with this year’s revenues reflecting $14 million, compared to a little over $12 million last year.

For the month of June, the city had a decrease of $249,000 in expenditures from this time last year, reflecting another improvement.

“Good job on the city staff’s part for keeping those expenditures down,” Judd said.

Because revenues were lower for the month of June, Judd reported a decrease of a little over $1 million, but despite that, the city finished with a positive $322,000 for the month of June.

Overall for the year, the city finished at $2.1 million, Judd said. Most of that was because of general and utility funds.

“I was glad to hear that our fiscal year report is in such good shape,” Mayor Toney King said following the meeting. “This year is a big improvement from last year’s report. I want to commend our City Manager Vicki Vivian and her staff for cutting expenditures and helping improve the city’s finances.”

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