BENSON — An effort is underway to clean up trash and debris throughout Benson’s streets and alleyways.

Organized by Elton Bowman and Pam Masters, the all-volunteer “Brighten the Path” project is Saturday, with community volunteers asked to meet at the Lions Park ramada at 8 a.m.

Brighten the Path cleanup projects started in 2018, continued through 2019, but the effort was shut down in 2020 because of COVID. After the yearlong hiatus, Bowman and Masters are back at it.

“The city helped out by providing gloves, extension grabbers, trash bags, water and yellow fluorescent vests,” Masters said. “They even provided lunch for all the volunteers.”

Bowman creates a grid of the city and designates a truck for each area, including the alleys.

“We ask people to bring pickup trucks and trailers to help with the larger items,” he said. “We haul everything to the transfer station and drop it off there at no charge.”