Cochise County Elections officials released more preliminary primary elections results Thursday and as expected, some candidates left opponents in their wake and others are separated by just a few votes.

And two write-in candidates — one vying to become a Cochise County superior court judge and the other competing to be the county’s next superintendent of schools — will see their names on the ballot for the general election on Nov. 3.

According to Elections Supervisor Lisa Marra, 28,045 ballots were cast in the promaty. There are 76,795 registered voters in Cochise County.

Marra said as of Thursday afternoon, 493 provisional ballots still must be verified and counted if valid. There are also 34 early ballots awaiting signature cure, she said.

“We will count the provisional ballots when we receive them from the recorder’s office – if not by end of day tomorrow we will count Saturday if we have them,” Marra said in an email Thursday afternoon. “The ballots awaiting signature cure have until 5 p.m. on Aug. 11. We will finalize the results the morning of Aug. 12. The Board will canvass the results on Aug. 14.”

Just before 5 p.m. Thursday, Marra released more preliminary results that reveal some clear victories and some close races.

All three Cochise County Board of Supervisors seats are up for re-election in fall and so far, only one of the supervisors — Tom Borer of District 1 — was trailing as of Thursday. Borer, a Republican, was opposed by Tom Crosby in Tuesday’s primary.

Crosby was ahead by 311 votes Thursday; Borer received 3,468 votes to Crosby’s 3,779. Borer was appointed to the position after longtime Board of Supervisors member Pat Call was tapped to serve as Justice of the Peace for the Sierra Vista Justice Court, Precinct 5.

Democrat Ann English from District 2 meanwhile, will square off in November against Republican competitor Lori Kilpatrick. In the District 3 race, preliminary results show Republican Peggy Judd narrowly ahead of opponent Heather Floyd by only 46 votes. Judd garnered 2,668 votes and Floyd grabbed 2,622.

In the race the Sierra Vista Justice Court, Republican candidate Kenneth Curfman was ahead of Kristina Guerrero-Sisneroz and Wilma Mrosek-Richards. According to the preliminary results, Curfman and Guerrero-Sisneroz were separated by only 88 votes. Curfman received 4,180 votes and Guerrero-Sisneroz garnered 4,092. Attorney Adele Drumlevitch is the Democratic contender.

The preliminary results also show that three candidates will be competing for the chance to become the next Cochise County superior court judge in Division 5. Anne Carl, the write-in candidate and a Democrat, received 2,703 votes, well over the required 453 she had to garner in order to be on the November ballot. Carl will face Republican Jason Lindstrom, who handily won over Republican competitor Roger Contreras, and independent candidate Sandy Russell.

The second write-in candidate who was successful in gathering more than the required 453 votes, is educator Sharon Thomas. Thomas, who received 1,649 votes, will go up against incumbent superintendent Jacqui Clay.

Primary elections in Benson, Bisbee, Tombstone and Willcox, also held some surprises.

Bisbee Mayor David Smith trailed behind contender Ken Budge by 177 votes; Budge with 984 and Smith with 807 as of Thursday afternoon. Additionally, Bisbee council member Louis Pawlik of Ward 3, and opponent Donna Pulling, were separated by only 13 votes, with Pawlik collecting 249 and Pulling grabbing 236.

Another close race is between Tombstone council member Anna Salcido of Ward 1 at 50 votes, and her opponent Colin Regan who received 67 votes. Council member Bill Barlow is also ahead of opponent David Legas.

Longtime Tombstone Mayor Dusty Escapule is edging ahead of his opponents Steve McNeely and Sherry Rudd. Escapule garnered 327 votes.

Benson voted in Joe Konrad to appear on the ballot for mayor, and Larry Dempster for a two-year council term. Council members Toney King, Nick Maldonado and Patrick Boyle, received four-year terms.

Willcox also elected three council members, Carl Hestand, Rachel Garza and Gregory Hancock.

In the contests for seats in the Arizona Legislature, Senator David Gowan, a Republican in District 14, will face Democrat Bob Karp. And District 14 Republican state representatives Gail Griffin and Becky Nutt will go up against Democrat contenders Kim Beach-Moschetti and Ronnie Maestas-Condos.