On Wednesday August 19, 2020 at approximately 9:00 am, the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office was advised of a reported kidnapping where the victim was at a residence in Mescal. Sheriff’s Deputies, detectives, and medical personnel responded to the residence and located a 27-year-old female. The female appeared to be confused and had several visible cuts and abrasions, bruises and other physical trauma, and was dressed in minimal clothing.

Upon interviewing the victim, she advised that she was getting gas at a convenience store near Grant Road in Tucson at approximately 9:30 on Tuesday night when she saw two men approach her. The woman advised that she does not remember much after that until she woke up and did not know where she was. The woman advised that she saw a way out of the location where she was at, and ran an unknown distance to a residence where she banged on the door until the homeowner answered and called 911.

The woman was able to direct detectives to the home where she believed she woke up at before being transported to a Tucson hospital for treatment of her injuries.

A search warrant was obtained and served at the home the victim had identified, where items of evidence were collected. As a result of investigative leads, a second search warrant was served at another residence in the area where additional items were located and collected as evidence.

Contact was made with the Tucson Police Department to report the incident, while Sheriff’s Office detectives went to Tucson and obtained evidence from the convenience store. The Tucson Police Department and the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office are working collaboratively in investigating the kidnapping and stolen vehicle report in Tucson (as the victim’s car has not been located), while the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office is focusing on the sexual assault.

The investigation is being continued and additional information will be released as it becomes available.

Submitted  by Cochise County Sheriff's Office