BENSON — Folks were lining up early Friday morning for a food distribution at La Ramona Morales Apartments in Benson.

Made possible through a $10,000 grant administered by the Arizona Food Bank Network, Friday’s distribution marked the second grant awarded to La Ramona in the past two years.

“The grant is funded through anonymous contributions,” said Chairity LaDuke, property manager for La Ramona. “We also hold food bank distributions on the second Thursday of the month, but this grant-funded handout is an additional bonus.”

About 300 people went through La Ramona’s distribution line Friday.

“This came at a great time for our family,” said Amber Peru, who was collecting food for a family of five. “We appreciate the volunteers and everyone who made this possible. These distributions help so many people. With Easter just a couple of days away, the timing is great, especially for families with children.”

Benson resident Charlotte Stanley is on a fixed income and takes advantage of La Ramona’s monthly distributions as well as the extra one.

“A lot of people on fixed incomes struggle to make ends meet, especially with the high cost of groceries right now,” she said. “It’s such a relief to get this help.”

Kurt Toki said he enjoys volunteering for the distributions.

“For me, it’s rewarding to give back to the community,” he said. “The people who come through here are always very grateful.”

An assortment of bread, produce and cereal, as well as meat and eggs are some of the food items people received.

Michael Dermody, a La Ramona maintenance man, carried food boxes to vehicles for those who needed assistance.

“This is a true ‘feel-good’ project that our apartment complex does for the community,” he said. “The people who take advantage of the food handouts are always very gracious. It’s gratifying to know that we’re lending folks a helping hand.”