MESCAL — A man who was fatally shot by his brother-in-law earlier this week is the son of a murder victim who was shot to death last year by his neighbor, Sheriff’s officials have confirmed.

Michael Schwestak was killed on Sunday afternoon at his sister’s house in Mescal after Schwestak’s sibling told investigators her brother had come over and threatened her family, Sheriff’s spokeswoman Carol Capas said. Investigators said the shooter was Joshawa Liest, Schwestak’s brother-in-law.

Schwestak, 56, is the second person fatally shot in Mescal in a little over a year and the second person from the same family.

In August 2020, Schwestak’s father, Otmar Schwestak, was shot to death inside the house he shared with Michael Schwestak, Sheriff’s investigators said. The Schwestaks’ neighbor, Jon Bentley, was charged with first degree murder in that case.

Michael Schwestak found his father slumped over in a chair inside the house on North Mescal Road, investigators said. The son later told detectives his father had no enemies, but he was afraid of Bentley because he thought his neighbor was mentally ill, a Sheriff’s report shows.

In Sunday’s incident, which took place at Schwestak’s sister’s residence, also on North Mescal Road, a woman called the Sheriff’s Office and said her brother had come to her home and threatened her family. She identified her sibling as Michael Schwestak.

In the first call the woman made, she said Schwestak had demanded that her husband — Liest — meet him at a nearby convenience store.

In the second call, the woman told the Sheriff’s Office Schwestak had returned to her house about 10 minutes later and was shot by her husband, Liest, Sheriff’s officials said.

Capas said Liest, 44, was not arrested. She said the matter has been turned over to the Cochise County Attorney’s Office so prosecutors can determine whether charges should be filed.