Kira Jo Hodges

Kira Jo Hodges

SIERRA VISTA — A judge agreed to lower the bond for a teen accused of robbing two businesses last year, but the 18-year-old is facing prison in the offenses regardless, a prosecutor said last week.

Kira Jo Hodges is being held on $50,000 bond at the Cochise County Jail for what investigators say was her role in two armed robberies in Sierra Vista and Benson in February 2021.

At a hearing Friday in Cochise County Superior Court, Hodge’s attorney made an impassioned plea to Superior Court Judge Jason Lindstrom concerning Hodges’s past and why she should be released from the county lockup.

“This girl has never taken a drug in her life,” said defense lawyer Christopher Scileppi. “She has no criminal history, not even a parking ticket. This happened over a year ago when she was 17.”

Cochise County assistant prosecutor Terisha Driggs told Lindstrom that both victims in the case were terrified for their lives, and even though Hodges had never committed a crime before, that didn’t stop her from participating.

Driggs was referring to the morning of Feb. 18, when she said Hodges and two other teenagers robbed a Circle K on Garden Avenue in Sierra Vista, then moved to Benson where they did the same thing at a donut shop on Ocotillo Road.

In the first incident, Sierra Vista police said a male and a female entered the Circle K, 97 N. Garden Ave., at 6:38 a.m. and forced a clerk to grab money from a cash register at knifepoint. About an hour later the pair entered Benson Donuts, 690 N. Ocotillo Road, and did the same thing, police said.

After detectives arrested suspect Logan Martin, 18, of Tucson, they were led to Hodges and 17-year-old Taryn Green, investigators said. The investigation took about a year.

Authorities said Green — who was 16 at the time of the incidents — was the driver of the getaway vehicle used in the robberies. In court last week, it was revealed that Hodges was not the one brandishing the knife, but she and Martin pulled off the robberies together, investigators said.

Hodges and Martin were 17 when the incidents took place, but all three defendants have been charged as adults, investigators said.

Hodges, indicted in late January, has been charged with two counts of armed robbery, two counts of robbery and two counts of aggravated robbery.

Scileppi — in an effort to get Hodges released with a low bond — said the defendant’s family are “not of means” and had to pool their money in order to hire him. Some relatives and friends of Hodges were in the courtroom during the hearing Friday.

Driggs reminded the judge that Hodges went from a life of no crime to robbing two victims in a two-hour span.

She also said the incidents occurred almost a year ago, and no one came forward to confess their participation in the robberies.

“There is evidence that she poses a risk to the community,” Driggs told Lindstrom. “The evidence that she went from 0 to 100 in just a couple of hours is a problem.”

Hodges admitted to committing the robberies and to having a BB gun in her possession, Driggs said.

“All three charges are prison-mandatory,” Driggs said.

The mention of prison prompted tears from Hodges’ family and friends.

Lindstrom said it was tough for him to make a decision.

“Your physical appearance is that of a young girl,” the judge said, referring to Hodges’ small, thin frame. “But the grand jury found probable cause on six counts. Someone of your age can (also) be a flight risk.”

The judge lowered Hodges’s bond from $75,000 to $50,000. Her co-defendant, Martin, remains incarcerated on a $75,000 bond. Green bonded out the same day of her arrest on a $75,000 bond, records show.

Hodges’ next court appearance is scheduled for March 18.