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To celebrate the holiday season, beginning Friday, Dec. 13, through Tuesday, Dec. 23, the Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum invites all Bisbee residents to visit the museum, free of charge. The museum is also offering a two-for-one discount for all Cochise County residents. In opening ou…

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BISBEE — Though at times an inconvenience to those traveling up and down Highway 80 east of the Mule Pass Tunnel, the work being done to clear land above Old Bisbee is critical to the properties and lives of the people who call the high-fire risk area home.

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BIBSEE — The eclectic, historic mining town of Bisbee has made it on many Top 10 lists and now it is on one which could bring a $500,000 makeover and be the focus of the Small Business Revolution (SBR), an online show sponsored by the Deluxe Corporation.

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BISBEE — To say “Thank you” to the supporters of the Bisbee Community Chorus (BCC), the group will host “A Christmas Sing–Along Party” at 7 p.m. on Saturday at the Covenant Presbyterian Church Annex in Old Bisbee.

On Tuesday, over 25 nonprofit organizations across the 4 branches received donations from the Bootheel Foundation and a total of $29,000 was awarded, an increase of 16% from last year’s donations. “Western Bank’s ‘Bootheel’ Foundation is proud to contribute to these organizations. Each one o…

BISBEE — Shop owners in Old Bisbee could not have asked for better weather, other than maybe a little less wind, for the Small Town Holiday shopping event on Saturday, which brings many visitors to town for the kickoff of the holidays in Bisbee.

BISBEE — Though it really was a black Friday for Bisbee, with three inches of rain and wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour, on Saturday the sun broke through and the Warren District quickly filled with curious folk to go on the annual Bisbee Woman’s Club Home Tour.

SIERRA VISTA — Heavy winds and nonstop rain drenched Cochise County over the holiday, leaving a string of flooded roads, stuck vehicles, toppled trees and a rockslide along Highway 80 near the Mule Pass Tunnel Thursday and Friday, officials said.

BISBEE — The city comes alive this weekend kicking off the holiday season, where one can enjoy the fading art of festive window dressing, be charmed by cozy small town decorations and lights, make an ornament, sing a few Christmas carols, and, of course meet and greet Santa Claus.

BISBEE — The second annual Cake Auction held by the Bisbee Kiwanis Club, the Bisbee Fire Department Local Union 2146 and Bisbee High School Project Graduation brought in around $2,400 after expenses last Saturday, from just 47 entries.

BISBEE — A dozen Bisbee firefighters were bustling early Tuesday morning on a different kind of call, but one steeped in tradition — answering the call for those in need and delivering holiday warmth and provisions for a fine Thanksgiving dinner.

BISBEE — An amendment to an existing nuisance ordinance was tabled by the mayor and Bisbee City Council after a long discussion during Tuesday night’s meeting.

BISBEE — The mayor and city council honored the Bisbee Fire Department personnel for the quick stoppage of a recent residential fire that could have been a lot worse than the loss of two homes and severe damage to two others.

BISBEE — In an effort to regulate short term and vacation rentals, the mayor and City Council took the first step Tuesday to add some control through an amendment to the current city code.

For the past 36 years, the Bisbee Woman’s Club has provided rare glimpses into the historic homes of the old mining town delighting visitors who come from all over to step across thresholds of some of the most eclectic, romantic and unique mansions and bungalows found in a western town.

BISBEE — When you make out your list for all those things that make cheerful Thanksgiving dinner, maybe consider adding a few cans or boxes of food to share with those who rely on the Bisbee Fire Department Union Local 2146 food drive to have meals on their tables.

BISBEE — If you happen to catch the scent of some delectable sweets or the whir of mixers around town this week, it means the hustle and bustle of dozens of pastry bakers of all ages are working hard to create their masterpieces for a great cause — the second annual Kiwanis Cake Auction.

BISBEE — It was a beautiful ceremony Monday — Veterans Day — attended by many Bisbee residents and veterans who were honored by Bisbee Eagle Scout David Donahue with a new memorial wall with room to hold the names of 900 men and women who went to Bisbee High School and went on to serve in th…

BISBEE — The acrid smell of smoke still hung in the air Monday morning as neighbors and others came to see the desolate scene of blackened debris and melted, twisted metal from a serious fire which reduced two homes to heaps of ash late Saturday night in Old Bisbee.

BISBEE — Fun with Bisbee’s south-of-the-border compadres has now moved south to Naco, Arizona, as the first Binational Concert Without Borders kicks off at 4 p.m. on Saturday.

BISBEE — As the mayor of Bisbee, David Smith often deals with critical issues for the residents and affordable housing for low income families, the elderly, the disabled and those in need of assisted living is one he and the members of the city council would like to get off the to–do list.