Imagination, creativity and reinvention are all part of one musician’s legacy.

Steve Moramarco, lead vocalist and band creator of the Steve Moramarco Conspiracy, described his music as “punk Americana,” also known as a fusion of punk rock, country, folk and gospel. His latest album released in March includes multiple songs written in Bisbee.

In celebration of the album, Moramarco performed with his band at the Electric Brewing and Bisbee Sodawerks last week.

Moramarco relocated to Bisbee from Los Angeles about 2 1/2 years ago right as the pandemic was beginning and regulations in parts of the country were becoming tighter.

“They said musicians were non-essential,” he said. “I’m like that’s not right, nobody’s non-essential in my book.”

Since the age of 18, Moramarco been involved with songwriting. During college, he studied theater and hovered over into the realm of music. Now with his eighth album released, Moramarco said his newly released tracks are more “country-fied” and he has taken a special approach to playing the harmonica and guitar for this album.

“The last record was really kind of new wave, mod punk rock, very specific,” he said. “They love that, and I love it too, but I just felt like sometimes you don’t want to do one thing.”

Moramarco randomly heard about Bisbee from a friend, so he decided to check it out. After re-evaluating his life, he constructed a nest in Bisbee and formed a trio band with members Cactus Davis and Harley Rudell. He said that naming it Steve Moramarco Band was a bit too bland for their group, which gave birth to its new name, Steve Moramarco Conspiracy.

“I found a house I could buy, and I just moved here and really never looked back,” he said. “I met my drummer and bass player and we kind of folded into a little group.”

Moramarco plays the acoustic guitar and sings. Some of hit songs like “F--- Youth” became notorious on Facebook while his hit, “Satan, Lend Me a Dollar” was featured on Showtime’s “Weeds.”

Moramarco directed the film “Great Intervention,” which was released in 2010. Outside of music, he’s a freelance writer for UpWork and helps people with letters of recommendation and website content.

“I call myself a poet of commerce and technology,” he said.

Band member Cactus Davis developed a love and passion for music when he was young. Having grown up as a fisherman’s kid in Alaska, Davis was exposed to the bands that would perform in local bars.

“When I was real little, the drummer would get me up on his lap and I couldn’t reach the foot pedal, he’d give me the sticks and pretty soon say, ‘hey kid, you’re doing it, man.’ “

Davis was selected to be part of the America’s Youth in Concert, (a concert choir and orchestra) and toured throughout Europe. He was a part of an a capella choir in high school and stuck with being a musician ever since. After meeting Moramarco and Rudell at a bar in Bisbee, the band has been cultivating new works and performing locally around the county.