BISBEE — Jon Sky, a member of the Bisbee Design Review Board (DRB) has pleaded no contest in an assault case that caused a ruckus during the city’s July 4 festivities last year.

Sky, who also works as an unlicensed contractor, entered the no contest plea to one count of attempted aggravated assault, Cochise County Assistant Attorney Michael Powell said Wednesday. A no contest plea is not an admission of guilt, but is treated as a criminal conviction by the court.

It will now be up to a judge to determine the 40-year-old Sky’s fate, Powell said.

“Terms of sentence will be completely up to the judge, so prison or probation,” Powell said in an email to the Herald/Review Wednesday.

Neither Sky nor his attorney Ralph Malanga returned calls to the Herald/Review on Wednesday.

Sky has been a member of Bisbee’s DRB since 2017. It’s not clear if his conviction will affect his position on that panel. Bisbee Mayor David Smith, who was not aware of Sky’s plea until contacted by the Herald/Review Wednesday afternoon, said he would have to discuss the issue with the city attorney.

Initially, Sky was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for the July 4 incident. Bisbee Police said Sky attempted to run over a parking attendant with his white pick up.

A seven-page Bisbee Police report also states that Sky tried to put his hands on the woman’s throat, but instead shoved her.

The woman — whose name was not revealed in the report — told police that she and Sky have had issues in the past, but “it has never escalated this far.”

The skirmish occurred outside the Bisbee Mining Museum just after 11 a.m., July 4, the report states, and a handful of people witnessed it.

The woman told police that “she was trying to get in front of his vehicle to stop him and Jon proceeded to ‘rev’ his truck and nudge her with the front end and continued to drive her backwards.”

The parking attendant also said that she grabbed onto a decorative flag on the hood of Sky’s Dodge truck to keep from falling and “getting run over.” She also told police that Sky tried to grab her throat.

Sky denied the woman’s version of the incident during an interview with the Herald/Review at the time. He said he ran over a couple of parking cones and that set her off. He said he never tried to grab her neck.

“The lady came up (to my truck) screaming,” Sky said last year. “She put her hands on my bumper. I was driving super, super slow.”

Sky said the woman grabbed at the American flags on his vehicle and his cattle guard. He said she also cracked one of his rearview mirrors.

“I just pushed her off my truck,” he said. “I have a really large truck. If I had hit her with my truck, she would be in the hospital.”

According to the police report, the row was sparked by Sky ramming into several cones in the parking lot where the woman was working that morning. The woman told police that she got in front of Sky’s pickup in an attempt to stop him. At least two witnesses gave police their statements and said they had heard the commotion between Sky and the parking attendant.

Bisbee Police officer Lonnie Loper-Carbajal wrote in his report that when he came upon Sky he was “very irate.” Loper-Carbajal said Sky yelled and the officer then placed him in his patrol car.

Sky told Loper-Carbajal and another officer that he was driving toward the parking attendant at a slow rate of speed “to get her to move out of his way,” according to the report. Sky also said that he got out of his truck and “pushed her away to get her to move out of the way.”

According to the report, witnesses told police they heard a woman screaming and saw a man “accelerate his work truck into the parking attendant multiple times.”

Sky was booked into the Cochise County Jail and was released the next day after posting $5,000 bond, records show.

His sentencing has not yet been scheduled.

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