Public outdoor fitness center construction begins Monday

An artist's rendering of the upcoming Bisbee Outdoor Recreation Center.

BISBEE — Look for work to begin Monday, weather permitting, as the Bisbee Outdoor Recreation Center (BORC), an outdoor workout area, moves from paper to Higgins Park in Old Bisbee.

The project proposed by Bisbee Vogue, Inc. received approval from the mayor and city council in March, which agreed to maintain the fitness center after construction was completed.

According to Cynthia Conroy, BVI executive director and president, the board of directors raised $177,550 for the project which will enhance the health of the community thanks to a land and monetary donations from Marilyn Seibold and the Milt Coulter Blazing Saddle Trust, KE&G Construction, the National Fitness Campaign and BVI.

BORC will feature seven stations for exercise on its 32 foot by 35 foot concrete pad, which will have a rubberized tile surface and a 25–year guarantee, she explained. People can get a full body workout through lunges, squats, core building, pulling and agility movements in just seven minutes.

BVI’s status as a 501©(3) public charity was granted by the IRS in 1990 to host the Bisbee 1000, the Great Stairclimb, with a dual purpose to someday construct a community recreation health facility, she explained.

Over the years, the Bisbee 1000 has grown in state, regional and national esteem with participants from 44 states.

Expanding in last several years from a one-day event to a multi-tasked organization, BVI has met its mission to contribute to economic vitality, health and wellness for Southern Arizona, Conroy said.

“Even though BVI has been building up its capital reserves over the last few years, it was the generous gifts from the Milt Coulter Blazing Saddle Trust and the generosity of Marilyn Seibold and others that have allowed the board to approve this expenditure and still meet our other financial obligations,” Conroy added.

KE&G Construction, with guidance from Larry Saunders, has contributed to the timely building of the outdoor fitness center.

Another significant donor to this endeavor is Pioneer Title, the Grand Sponsor of the 30th Annual Bisbee 1000, scheduled for Saturday, Oct 16, 2021.

“Keith Newlon and Pioneer Title offered significant support that allowed for these plans to materialize,” she said.

Community members, Bisbee coach Melissa Wright, school board president Ann Littrell and Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels all provided their support in letters.

Dannels stated he would use the court for a quick workout and was pleased to have the option available for his deputies.

“It is easy to see what a benefit it would be to any of our personnel who want to take time to build their physical fitness stamina in a safe environment and with minimal time consumption,” wrote Dannels.

Wright stated, “I believe it is important for our youth to have access to an outdoor physical fitness facility to stay active and healthy. These kids do not have access to school gyms to keep active in their offseason and most kids can’t afford a health fitness membership.”

BORC is a fitness center where “all ages, families, friends, colleagues and health enthusiasts can gather safely,” Conroy added. “Trainers and community members can also reserve the court.”

Board members Conroy, Laura Hughes, Secretary, Deborah Young, Treasurer, Snoody Borowiec, David Russell, Ben Simons, Linda Moore and Rachel Clabourne canceled the 2020 Bisbee 1000, the Great Stair Climb due to COVID–19, but hope they may be able to host some sort of grand opening for BORC when it is safe.

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