BISBEE — She knocked the ball out of the park with the renovations that turned a historic home into uniquely Bisbee lodging accommodations, but the latest one she smacked may never be found as her latest endeavor, the strikingly beautiful Hacienda Del Avion at the Bisbee Airport, flung open its doors in September.

Gretchen Bonaduce, successful author, actress, producer, singer and now proprietor, moved to Bisbee last year in July after she bought the historic Greenway House in the Warren District. With a lot of help from her friends, she turned the former home with apartments into a quality Bed and Breakfast destination that was gaining in popularity until COPVID-19 hit in March and she had to shut it down. Each apartment is decorated with the accoutrements of famous rock-n-roll stars, like Elvis and the Beatles.

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