BISBEE — It took Lisa McNair 30 hours to climb Mount Hood. And she never left Bisbee.

The height of the famous stratovolcano in Oregon — 11,250 feet — is the equivalent of the distance McNair surpassed last weekend when she walked the Bisbee 1000 The Great Stair Climb for 30 continuous hours. During that stretch, McNair covered more than 60 miles and completed the iconic Bisbee course 14 times.

An attorney and the judicial assistant for one of Cochise County’s superior court judges, McNair agreed to take the massive trek in honor of the Bisbee 1000’s 30th anniversary. The athletic feat began at 6 a.m. Aug. 21, and concluded at noon on Aug. 22.

Lisa McNair tackles the Bisbee 1000 Great Stair Climb with a twist. McNair completed the course 14 times over the period 30 hours to celebrate the annual event’s 30th year. She did each loop with different pacers to keep her company.

“It was definitely hard,” McNair said earlier this week. “For the last couple of loops my legs were telling me they were done.”

The 55-year-old grandmother of four, who has run/walked three 100-mile races and is about to undertake a fourth next month, said the elevations she has ascended in the super marathons she has participated in were not as high as the ones she reached during her 30-hour endeavor in Bisbee.

Cynthia Conroy, the founder of the Bisbee 1000, said McNair — based on calculations of the 30-hour event — actually climbed higher than Mount Hood and almost equaled the Matterhorn, the 14,692-foot mountain in the Alps that straddles the border between Switzerland and Italy.

The Bisbee 1000 is a 4.5-mile course that includes just more than 1,000 steps — some stone, some concrete — in some of the city’s well-known and steep staircases.

For safety reasons and to help keep McNair from going bonkers, at least 20 people, called pacers, volunteered to walk the course with her during different shifts throughout the 30 hours.

Once done, McNair, who was cheered on by several well-wishers along the way, went home to McNeal and took a well-deserved three-hour nap.

“I was a little sore,” she said.

She plans to participate in the Bisbee 1000 The Great Stair Climb on Oct. 16.