BISBEE — A 25-year-old woman woke up in the early morning of Oct. 20, 2001, with a man on top of her, his hands around her neck. The woman told police the intruder hit her several times on the head and on the stomach. Tape was placed across her eyes, her hands were tied and she went in and out of consciousness.

The man told her if she said anything he would cut her throat. 

This ordeal is described in a portion of a sexual assault incident report released Wednesday by Bisbee Police. Investigators believe the suspect is retired Border Patrol agent John Joseph Daly III.

Daly was arrested last week by a contingent of law enforcement officers at his house on Jaxel Road in Hereford after investigators obtained evidence pointing to him as the "East Valley Rapist." The suspect had been wanted for more than two decades for eight rapes in Bisbee, Mesa, Chandler and Gilbert that occurred between 1999 and 2001, investigators said.

After the 57-year-old Daly was arrested, authorities said he faced charges on three of the eight assaults. Charges are forthcoming in the Bisbee case as well for a total of four incidents, investigators said. More investigation is needed on the remaining four cases.

Mesa Police, the lead agency in the investigation, released basic information on the three cases Daly faces charges on that occurred in Gilbert and Mesa. In each instance, the victim was blindfolded and raped. Additionally, the suspect in all three incidents entered the victim's house via an open window or door, and all three attacks occurred in the early morning hours.

The Bisbee case, now being linked to Daly, includes the same patterns as well as the beating and strangulation of the victim, the report shows.

Daly's name as a suspect in the rapes did not surface until February, but investigators have not divulged how they zeroed in on him. Once Daly became a suspect, investigators obtained a DNA sample from him and it matched DNA left behind in the three cases he faces charges on. 

Additionally, with Daly identified as the suspect, investigators were able to determine that in each of the rapes that occurred over those years Daly lived in the vicinity of each of the victims.

In the Bisbee incident report, the victim told police she escaped her attacker, ran out to the hallway of her apartment building and began screaming as she knocked on her neighbors' doors. 

One of the victim's neighbors, a Border Patrol agent, took her into his apartment and called police, the report shows. The Border Patrol agent, whose name is redacted from the report, told police that he saw the woman standing in the hallway nude with tape across her eyes and cords binding her hands.

She said she was able to see a bit through a gap in the tape across her eyes and noticed the suspect wore white sneakers with black stripes and camouflage pants, the report shows.

Based on information from U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Daly started with the Border Patrol in November 1999 and retired as a supervisory agent in December 2019 from the Douglas Border Patrol station. 

He is being held without bond at the Cochise County Jail and is expected to appear at a bail eligibility hearing on Thursday before Cochise County Superior Court Judge Timothy Dickerson. Daly is set to be transported to Maricopa County where he faces charges on most of the rape incidents, authorities there said last week. The Bisbee rape case is the only known incident in Cochise County thus far.

Mesa Police investigators are asking anyone who has information about Daly, or who may have been victimized by him, to call 480-644-2211.