BISBEE — New rules governing the handling of dogs at large will be the big topic at the meeting of the mayor and city council at 7 p.m. on Tuesday.

According to information provided with the agenda, the proposed rules call for dogs to be fenced or restrained while outside in owners’ yards or under control of the owners by command.

The regulations also proposes dogs off the owners’ property must be “under the control of a competent person and restrained by a leash of not more than six feet or less in length.”

Dogs may be off leashes for events such as “field trials, obedience classes, kennel club events, organized school or park-sponsored shows” as well as legal hunting, herding of stock or assisting officers engaged in law enforcement duties as long as sufficient control is exercised” and the dogs can be leashed upon “any person’s reasonable request.” Service dogs for disabled owners are exempt if they can be controlled and easily leashed.

Dogs are allowed to be unrestrained in motor vehicles, including truck beds while parked, as long as they are supervised, “but as soon as the dog leaves the motor vehicle or truck bed, it is considered to be at large.”

The changes to the ordinance would “help clarify that the public must keep dogs on leashes when they are off their owners’ private properties.”

The council will also discuss moving forward with a light pollution code based on the Cochise County code to minimize nighttime lighting and maximize dark skies.

Resident Bruce Syrett, an astronomy enthusiast for 45 years, set up a website to promote the dark skies initiative in Bisbee. He found enjoyment exploring the stunning night skies and wants to make sure future generations have the opportunity to enjoy them, too. When he found out the city could almost declare itself a dark skies community, he decided to start an initiative to fulfill his goal. His website is:

Another agenda item show the council will discuss granting an easement to L.A. Engle, Jr., the new owner of the former American Legion Post 16 building, for the pedestrian overpass which runs between the Post and the Bisbee Restoration Museum over Subway St. The proposed agreement between the city and Engle would provide easements and hold the him to the attachment, access, maintenance and repair of the interior and exterior of the skybridge.

According to Mayor David Smith, the skybridge was constructed to move furniture from the manufacturer located in what now is the American Legion building across Subway to the second floor of the museum which used to be a furniture store. A person is purchasing the Post building and needs insurance, but it was denied until the matter of ownership of the skybridge was determined. A records search showed the city acquired the skybridge in the 1930s.

The agenda and documentation for the Bisbee council meeting is at:

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