BISBEE — Coming up with new ways to raise funds can always be challenging, but not so for the Friends of the Bisbee Animal Shelter (FBAS) who just kicked off a silent auction “Feather Our Nest” last week.

Kelly Galligan, president of FBAS, saw the idea elsewhere and shared it with Kathy Sowden, FBAS treasurer, and they decided to give it a try.

Three of FBAS’s fundraisers had to be canceled this year, and their Gimme Shelter shop closed, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so they hope this silent auction works and brings in some much needed cash.

And, of course, Bisbee artists were more than willing to help, along with supportive residents. Sowden herself has a birdhouse in the auction, one of 44 items up for auction.

Many well known Bisbee artists came up with delightful, unique designs based on a bird theme and produced bird houses and other bird-oriented artworks to help the non-profit provide services and supplies for the Bisbee Animal Shelter.

Artists Judy Perry, Sam Woolcott, Tamara Page, Jan Searle, Mary Jane Bank, Lorna Newton and 27 others crafted and painted birdhouses, sculptures and other works of art which are on display in a number of Bisbee Main Street shops, as well as online.

Newton’s bird house honors Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead), coming up Nov. 1. To celebrate the New Year, Benjamin Winter created a glittering disco ball bird house. Bank painted and decorated a cute, Snowbirds of Bisbee house to welcome the coming migration. A Bats Lives Matter upside down house shares a branch on a faux tree with a Chirps Café feeder made by Janet and Larry Borger.

The shops displaying the art are: 55 Main Gallery, A Sense of Place, Acacia, Belleza Gallery, Bisbee Gooid Cakes, Classic Rock Couture, Finders Keepers, Gloria’s Jewelry, Jen’s Angels, Many Fine Things Gallery, Optimo Hatworks, Pan Terra Gallery, Patisserie Jacqui, Poco Market and Singletree — all located in Old Bisbee — during regular business hours.

To view and bid online, got to the Friends of the Bisbee Animal Shelter Facebook page and click on “join event.” All the artists and art are displayed along with the current bids.

FBAS has been running the Bisbee Animal Shelter operations since 2017 with some financial assistance from the city. They depend on donations to provide spay/neiter clinics, a trap/neuter/release feral cat program, veterinary care for strays and feral cats, food, as well as shelter upkeep and improvements.