BISBEE — The formation of Old Bisbee Firewise, a grassroots organization to help protect the historic from wildland fires, will host a town hall at the Bisbee High School auditorium from 6 to 9  p.m. Wednesday to explain the importance and the challenges residents have in protecting homes, businesses and themselves from fire.

Old Bisbee Firewise (OBF) is a local organization dedicated to the community of people who want to protect property at the urban–wildland interface.

OBF members, now some 400 members strong, have received numerous queries about extending the non-profit organization into Bisbee’s other boroughs Warren and San Jose.

The members think they have enough to do just in Old Bisbee, but have offered to help with formations on other Firewise organizations.

This meeting will feature speakers retired wildland firefighter Marc Titus, familiar with Firewise groups, Elgin Fire Chief Joseph DeWolf on fire insurance.

Titus stated in a video, “It’s real. You have a problem here, Bisbee. Old Bisbee especially is at risk for catastrophic loss. Wildland fires are inevitable in the desert southwest.”

However, there are precautions to take to better protect homes and the wildlife in the wildland urban interface zones where scrub brush from public lands encroaches the backyards on the Mule Mountain hills producing extensive fuel loads which present a great risk of fire, he stated.

One of those ways is clearing up yards, removing debris and creating a defensible space around homes, especially in Old Bisbee with the close proximity of houses, part of the Firewise purpose.

Since OBF started cleaning up, other residents in the surrounding boroughs want to have the same protections community-wide.

Al Anderson, President of OB Firewise, speaking about the significant grants received to help the city of Bisbee and our members.

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